If you have a noticed about the iphone screen have a didn’t response any more. If I have proceeds to left/right but the the iPhone Screen can become unresponsive when used for long periods of time. So if you want’s to solve this issues then here, all solutions to explain, how to calibrate an iPhone Screen

The problem is, when we playing the games on our iphone or instant messages and some other web searching, at that time screen could hang or become slow down. Apple’s does not have special adjustments for calibrating the screen, but we can adjust the screen brightness as well as the motion sensors. In this tutorial, we will show you How to calibrate an iPhone Screen.

Sometimes, your iPhone touch screen have a unusual behavior to performs, at that time we have select screen portions and your touch have doesn’t response. This type of problems top we can’t calibrate the sensitivity of the iPhone touch screen but you can calibrate the motion sensors and the screen brightness. Apple has officially released guide for calibrating the Motion Sensors

How to Calibrate an iPhone Screen

Here, all explanation about how to calibrate your iPhone Screen

Calibrating the Motion Sensors

Your iPhone’s motion sensors can be affected by secure proximity to a magnet or by environmental factors. When this happens, the iPhone notifies you to use the iPhone’s Compass app to re-calibrate all the motion sensors, including the gyro, magnetometer and accelerometer.

Step 1: Pick your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the Compass app on the iPhone screen.

calibrate iphone

Step 3: Open the Compass app to calibrate the iPhone motion sensors.

calibrate iphone

Step 4: Magnetic interference affects the motion sensor accuracy, making occasional recalibration necessary.

how to calibrate iphone

Follow the on-screen prompt to tilt the iPhone screen and roll the red ball around the circle.

Step 5: Continue to tilt the iPhone until a compass appears on the screen.
Step 6 : After that motion sensors are calibrated.

Adjust the brightness

After a calibrating you have to Adjust the brightness of your iPhone’s display in the Setting app.

Step 1: Press the Settings icon on the iPhone.

how to calibrate iphone

Step 2: Tap on Settings app > brightness controls.

Step 4:Tap Display & Brightness.

calibrate iphone

Step 5:Move the slider at the top of the Display & Brightness screen from left to right.

how to calibrate iphone

if you turn on Auto-Brightness in the Display & Brightness screen, then the brightness level you select is the setting iPhone to determine how to adjust the iPhone screen brightness for you as you move.

If you turn off Auto-Brightness, the brightness level you select remains constant. also in your mind save it Apple doesn’t provide a way to adjust the sensitivity of the iPhone’s touch screen.

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