With the advent of smartphone mobile games has become very popular. Most of the people nowadays spend their leisure time by playing mobile games on the smartphones. As a result, many software companies and software developers are interested to develop mobile games. But before you develop mobile game it is very essential to know the cost to develop a mobile game. Determining the exact cost of a mobile game is quite difficult as mobile games range from simple to complex and the cost of the mobile game will solely depend on the features of the mobile games.

Let’s find out some essential costs that are involved in the mobile game development process.


Costs factor behind the mobile game development

Mobile development involves various costs which depend solely on the application of the mobile game. Some of the important costs are discussed as follows:

  • Casual mobile game:

The casual mobile game such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, etc. possesses limited functionality and only 2D graphics are deployed in such mobile games. Such types of mobile games will cost around $50 thousand.

  • Social mobile games:

There are some mobile games which can be played by multiple players on social media networks such as Facebook. Games like Farmville fall into this category. These types of mobile games are mainly built with Software Development Kit of the social network. Such mobiles games will cost around $100 to 300 thousand.

  • Cross Platform mobile games:

These types of mobile games can be played through social network, web browsers as well as mobile apps. Games like Slotomania, Bubble Island, and Diamond Dash fall into this category. Developing these types of mobile games requires highly qualified and trained software developer as it requires great expertise in coding and software integration. As a result, these types of mobile games will cost around $3000.

  • Mobile games having Complex Graphics:

Mobile games like puzzles, shooters, adventure games require high-tech graphics with 2D visuals and inspiring soundtracks. It is very time-consuming to develop such type of mobile games. Thus, it is a very expensive process to create such type of mobile games. As a result, these types of mobile games will cost around $2 million.

Apart from the above-mentioned costs, there are some other cost factors that are involved in the process of mobile game development, such as:

  • Costing of vendors and software developers:

It is very important to choose the right developers or vendors for making a good mobile game. Developing a new mobile game will include various steps such as marketing research, prototyping, coding, designing, editing, and testing. For all these steps vendors will charge a hefty amount. In some critical mobile games like Tower of Guns, high-quality images and 3D animation is required for which a developer have to spend a minimum of 3800 hours. Developing such games will thus cost around $230 to 570 thousand.

  • Designing of the mobile game:

Designing a mobile game involves a multilayer process. It, therefore, requires specialist artists, video editor as well as expert designers. The function of a game artist is to sketch ideas and characters of the mobile game. He also needs to draw scenery and applies textures as well. The video editor will create the architecture of the mobile games that will include objects and landscape of mobile games. He will also be responsible for maintaining the desired level of complexity. The job of UX and UI designers is to enhance the general feel and layout of the mobile game. So, all these steps of designing required a lot of money, time and effort. The more the designer charges, the more will the cost of the mobile game.

  • Platform for running the mobile games:

It is very important to choose the platform on which the mobile game will run. It is the platform that will mainly determine the development cost of the mobile games. If the mobile game is made on iOS platform then the cost of developing the mobile game will be 20 to 30% higher than that of Android platform because the iOS operating system is much more costly than the Android operating system.

Thus, before you develop a mobile game keep in mind the cost involved in it.