The latest fintech development has led people to use less fiat money and encouraged them to use plastic (cards) or digital money. Global Cash Card an example of plastic money that is available in Mastercard and Visa. The eligible users can use the Global cash card at all the places that offer card swiping payment method. But in order to use the card, you need to activate it online @ Now if you have received your card you don’t know how to activate your global cash card then we are here to help you.

Global cash card activation is the first important thing a cardholder has to do when he/s has received the card. Because only after activating the global cash card, you are allowed to use the card for making payment in any part of the world which accepts debit/credit cards. You have to know that Global Cash Card can be activated at, via ATM, as well as with phone calls. Here, we have explained both methods so, you can choose the one that suits you best.


Things You Should Know About Global Cash Card

Global Cash Card is the product from Global Cash which among the esteemed card facilitator in America. It was founded in the mid-90s and now offering several card types to the customer, Initially, it was into the telecom sector but then switched to offer global cash cards since 2002. It has established itself as one of the popular card company with its quick and seamless services. It offers Mastercard and Visa card variants in global cash cards.

The head office is in CA, the USA but it has its sales offices in the whole country. It is one of the leading card networks nationwide. They provide customer helpline services 24 hours of the day and offer an online support page. With its Global Protect App for the cardholders, it has offered even easier access to the banking services directly from their smartphones. It has received many awards for its effective services. But for security reasons, every card issued to the customer has to be activated online by a given method.

Global Cash Card Activation Benefits

It is mandatory to activate global cash card and it has many benefits. Only after activating the global cash card, users can use it anywhere to make payments. With its online registration, users can also manage its statements, balance, and other function directly from the global cash card website or the app.

With the Global Protect app and the site, users can find the nearest ATM to withdraw cash. Plus, a global cash card is accepted everywhere, you can carry it in your pocket as the primary payment method.

The online functions and the global cash card online account can be managed at the site and the app.

Requirements: Global Cash Card Activation Process

  • The online registration at the global cash card site is crucial to activating the card because the username and the password would be required.
  • You need to have your global cash card in your possession to activate it.

How to Activate Global Cash Card Online at globalcashcard com activate

  1. The first thing you would require is a smartphone or the PC with an internet connection. You need to visit the link
  2. On the landing page, you need to click on Activate Your Global Cash Card.
  3. In the next window, you need to enter the 16-digit global cash card to begin the process.
  4. Now you will be asked to enter the username and the password to login to the Global Cash Card website. If you are totally a new user then you must have to register yourself before activating your card.
  5. Once you are in, you need to set the PIN for the Global Cash Card you have received.
  6. Now it will ask for some details that you have to provide to complete the process.
  7. Once you are done with all this, your Global cash Card will be activated in a few hours.

If you think online registration at Global Cash Card and following this process is not your thing then you can also opt for the other methods to activate your GlobalCashCard.

How to Activate Global Cash Card Online Via Call

  1. This is the toll-free number (888-220-4477) to activate your global cash card.
  2. Now listen to the IVR on the call and select the option to activate the card.
  3. Once you are connected to the telephone executive, you need to verify your personal detail for security reasons.
  4. Then you need to provide the Global Cash Card number and within a few hours, your GlobalCashCard will be activated.

How to Activate Global Cash Card Online Via ATM

Along with online and phone calls, users can also activate their global cash card at the Global Cash Card ATM. Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Go to the Global Cash ATM and carry your Global Cash Card with you.
  2. Insert the card and choose the “activate your card” option.
  3. Now enter your registered number and you will receive an OTP.
  4. Enter the OTP on the ATM and you can set the new PIN.

Once all done correctly, your global cash card will be activated in a few hours.

How to Contact Global Cash Card Customer Support Service

Just like any other banking firm, Global Cash Card also offers customer support service. Customers can call at 888-220-4477 or visit the customer_service.cfm

Bottom line

Choose any of the methods to activate your GlobalCashCard easily. The online method via is really beneficial since you are able to access many other functions of your account. If you face any trouble while following the process then you can ask in the comment box.