Within Destiny 2, the Falling Guillotine is considered to be one of the most powerful heavy weapons. This weapon has been around for quite some time now; in fact, at the time when swords were at their best, it even competed with The Lament.

In this piece, we will walk you through the steps required to acquire the Falling Guillotine in Destiny 2. In order for you to get the most out of this incredible sword, we are going to go over its god roll as well as the optimal areas for you to utilize it throughout gaming


How to Get a Falling Guillotine

The Falling Guillotine may be obtained in a number of different methods, making its acquisition not at all difficult. Below, we have outlined the many approaches, beginning with the simplest and working our way up to the ones that need the most effort; all you need to do is select one, and you’ll have what you need!

Method 1: Splicer Decoder

The decoder for the Splicer may be obtained from the Prismatic Recaster located in the Helm. To gain access to it, go to “Past Seasons” and pick “Season of the Splicer.” After that, choose the “Tier 1 Blades focusing choice” from the drop-down menu. This provides you a one in three chance of obtaining a Falling Guillotine, with the other two possibilities being Temptation’s Hook and the season’s class-specific blade. You will need one Umbral Engram in addition to 25 Decrypted Data in order to acquire this engram.

Take note that in order to use this approach, you will need the Season of the Splicer season pass. This is, without a doubt, the most efficient way to farm Falling Guillotine if you already have it. If you do not already possess the pass, you will need to select a different method in order to get it, as the Beyond Light Deluxe Edition is the only product that can currently fulfill this need.

Method 2: World Drops

Although this approach will take the most time of any of the others, it is one that allows you to complete the steps without actively participating. The Falling Guillotine is a unique item that has a very low chance of dropping from any action in the game that isn’t specifically linked to a loot pool. If everything else fails, you may always just play anything and try to gain a win that way.

Method 3:Gunsmith Materials

In the event that you do not have access to the Splicer season pass, the easiest method to get a Falling Guillotine is to turn in Gunsmith Materials. You may exchange one hundred Gunsmith

Materials for a weapon that is a “world drop.” Gunsmith Materials may be obtained by disassembling weapons, so empty out your weapon vault and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll find some!

You should still give in your materials just in case, even if you already have the season pass in your possession. It’s possible that you’ll obtain a Guillotine really fast, but you should be aware that there are a lot of weapons in this pool, which means that it’s likely going to take a very long time to achieve a god roll using this method.

Falling Guillotine God Roll

There are a few distinct perk choices available on the god roll for the Falling Guillotine in Destiny 2, though not as many as there are for other weapons. Because this weapon shines brightest in PvE, you should want to maximize your chances of getting a Falling Guillotine PvEGod roll.

Your choices for the benefit are as follows:

  • Hungry Edge, Jagged Edge, or Honed Edge
  • Swordmaster’s Guard
  • Relentless Strikes
  • Whirlwind Blade

The Edge type is the primary location where you may make selections from a variety of alternatives. Impact is increased by 10, but both ammo capacity and magazine size are reduced by 20. Honed provides a +5 impact bonus and has no drawbacks. Hunger does not provide any bonuses to impact, but it does grant +20 to both ammo capacity and magazine size.

The guard type does not really make much of a difference, as all it does is determine the number of blows that must be landed in order to activate the sword’s ability (unless you actually guard with it). Although technically Swordmaster’s Guard is the greatest choice due to the fact that it offers a +10 charge rate and time bonus, the other choices aren’t terrible. Simply avoiding Heavy Guard, which reduces charge rate and time by ten percent, is sufficient.

Because the only other alternatives are Energy Transfer and Tireless Blade, which are both very ineffective, Relentless Strikes is an essential need in this build (entirely useless). Your ammunition will be restored after three straight light attacks if you use Relentless Strikes, making this ability ideal.

The Whirlwind Blade perk is essential to any Falling Guillotine god roll and should never be left out of the equation. Because it is one of the finest sword bonuses in the game, nearly usually getting it is what you want to do. It provides additional damage for a brief duration after successfully executing “rapid sword blows,” making it an ideal complement to the ability “Relentless Strikes.” You also have the option of choosing the last benefit, Surrounded, but you should reserve this choice for select circumstances in which you are confident it would be beneficial. Other than En Garde and Counterattack, the other two choices for the last perk are entirely pointless.

When to Employ the Use of the Falling Guillotine

This season, Falling Guillotine has experienced a considerable reduction in its overall usage. As a result of a number of balance changes made earlier this year, swords are no longer the most powerful heavy type as they were earlier in the year. Nevertheless, there are still a great number of areas where you may show off your favorites. Here are several examples:

Prophecy Dungeon: Prophecy continues to be a refuge for sword users, notably due to the fact that the initial monster and the notorious cube area are both located here. Swords are always going to be a useful addition to your armory in this dungeon because there are so many fights that take place at close range. However, unless you are quite certain that you will not fall off the map when fighting the final monster, you should avoid using these abilities.

Swords are highly recommended for use in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, particularly during the fight against Atraks-1. Even though The Lament is the most powerful choice in that fight, Guillotine is a great alternative for those who haven’t yet gotten their hands on it. When it comes to the third confrontation, where everything is at close range, swords are also useful.

Gambit: Falling Guillotine is an excellent option for the Primeval level of Gambit games since this stage is typically quite chaotic and is packed with high-HP monsters and mini-bosses. It can easily tear through Primeval Envoys and could even eliminate an invader or two while it’s doing it.

Lower Level Strikes: Although you should avoid using swords in late-game strikes like the Grandmaster Nightfall, you are free to do so in some of the lower-level strikes. Swords may be used successfully even in some Legendary and Master Nightfalls. You should check to see that the strike you are playing does not prioritize long-range fighting as its primary objective.

Take up Position on the High Ground

It is highly recommended that you get the Falling Guillotine because it is among the most entertaining weapons in Destiny 2. Have fun using it to get the upper hand on bosses, and as usual, maintain your advantage by subscribing to our email list and following us on social media.

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