Of all the sites that offer free anime streaming services, including anime series and movies, AnimeHeaven is the one with the highest user traffic worldwide. The main reason behind the popularity is that the developers are quick to upload the latest episodes and most anime are available either in English dubbed audio or with English subtitles. Another reason can be the compatibility and adaptation of the interface of the entire platform at the time of being used in different devices, whether they are Windows PCs, Mac, Android, or iOS devices.

Nevertheless, there is a negative point that affects this anime site, i.e., it is an illegal platform because the movies and anime series that are uploaded to this site are done without the permission of its producers or distributors. This the reason why this site gets banned and stops working very frequently. As of now, many users complain that they are unable to access this site.

Therefore, users are looking for the best AnimeHeaven alternatives. It is better to keep a list of the best alternatives to AnimeHeaven so that if one site stops working, you can rely on another.


What Are the Best Alternatives to AnimeHeaven?

Among anime fans, there are different tastes regarding language. There are the fans who love to watch the content in English, and there are those who enjoy the anime in its original language, which is Japanese. That’s why each user prefers different anime streaming websites. Here, we have listed some of the best anime streaming websites that can be an alternative to AnimeHeaven.


This is one of the most popular anime streaming sites for many users because it has been one of the ones that has stayed online the longest. The selection catalog that it has is very wide for both movies and series, and its interface is friendly for new users; everything is sorted and categorized, and series episodes are updated almost immediately after being broadcast in Japan.

At this AnimeHeaven alternative, you can find all the famous and unknown anime shows and movies. Since this site has subbed and dubbed both anime collections, you would find the latest as well as classic hit anime shows. The collection is well-organized according to genres and years. If you want to find a particular anime show, then you can use the search box. When you are unsure what to watch, you can use its recommended section.


This is one of the best alternatives to Animeheaven because it works both as a web portal and as an application for Android devices, so it allows you always to watch your favorite animes wherever you are, whether you have a computer nearby or not. Accessing a portal that will allow you to download the APK and install it on your phone, you must have the option to accept applications from unknown active developers, which gives the application permission to run.

Animedao or Animedoa is better organized in its Android application. However, this does not mean that the application interface is easier to use or better than the website interface. In its version for Android, this Animeheaven alternative does not have any kind of advertising or pop-up ads when watching anime online, although the question changes when you want to download an episode or a movie. In case you want to download something, the site will redirect you to a separate portal, which may have ads with the download file.


Of all the pages of this style, 4anime stands out both for its catalog and for its interface, which has turned out to be a strategy that attracts a new audience. This is why it is among the best alternatives to AnimeHeaven. All the latest additions to the anime world are shown with their title on the main page, showing a thumbnail of a scene from the episode or movie as a preview to create expectation and excitement for those who wish to watch the content. Another strategy to get new people to watch titles that may not be so popular is to have a section of the day where they promote an episode of a series worth watching.

Without a doubt, this anime site has earned its position because all the content on the site is well organized. Thus, this is one of the feasible options for users who are just starting out in the anime streaming world.


9Anime is also very popular among users, and 9Anime Reddit has earned a huge community. It is a portal that concentrates all anime content in its original language as well as dubbed in English with providing reliable and high-quality subtitles in English as well. You can use this site as an alternative to AnimeHeaven. Anime-loving fans fully support the idea of ​​this free anime site since dubbing is changing the essence that the creators of the movies or series want to add to their works.

Final Words

Thus, these four anime streaming websites can be your best choice as alternatives to AnimeHeaven. You will find everything you want to watch on these platforms. However, there are many more sites similar to these ones, so you can tell us their names in the comment box if you have other anime sites.

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