Every year, Google publishes a ranking of the top apps that impress us with amazing features. Some of them are entertaining, while the rest simplify routine tasks and are wonderful assistants.

We figured out the features of these programs and ways of applying them in real life. Chances are, you will pick up something for yourself from this list.

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WOMBO Dream – AI Art Generator

Program for creating images thanks to a text description (Canada)

With Dream by WOMBO, you don’t need brushes, paints, and an artist’s talent to create astonishing pictures. Perhaps the app will inspire you to study art and design in more detail. Once you download it, all you need to do is:

  • Describe what you would like to draw in a couple of words: for example, “Sunset by the river” or “Horses standing near the castle”;
  • Choose a style, be it something bright, gloomy, etc. (there are free and paid options);
  • Wait a few seconds for artificial intelligence to turn your idea into a masterpiece;
  • Save the picture in your profile, download it, share it with others, or publish it on social media.

In Dream by WOMBO, you can upload any photo from the gallery and edit it using the styles you like. Paid features include premium styles, videos, the ability to create multiple images at once, and priority lists.


Social network with no likes or subscriptions (France)

BeReal is a social network that allows you to share photos with your friends in real-time. First, you need to create a profile: enter a real name, phone number, and age, and come up with a username and password. Next, the system will offer you to:

  • Add friends (you can use the list of your contacts);
  • Take and publish the first photo within 2 minutes;
  • Choose an audience (friends or random users);
  • Add a description to the picture.

The point is that the picture is taken simultaneously on the main and front cameras to show what you are doing and how you look at that moment.

Every day, you will receive a notification asking you to take a picture of what you are doing at a random time. Pictures are taken with no filters, here and now. Are you watching a horror movie or planning a trip? Let your friends know about it.

Pet Star

Let the world see your pet (USA)

Pet Star is an application that will turn your pet into a real celebrity. How does it work?

  1. Take a picture of your dog or cat, or you can add a photo from the gallery;
  2. Set markers for the pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears;
  3. Add an accessory or hairstyle;
  4. Choose a song from the list.

As a result, you will get a funny video of your pet singing and dancing. The video can be saved in the app or shared on social networks.


Control your breathing and find your inner peace (USA)

Breathwrk is an application that includes a whole collection of breathing exercises and practices for all occasions. By doing them, you will be able to:

  • Reduce stress level;
  • Eliminate panic attacks;
  • Increase productivity and concentration;
  • Improve sleep;
  • Master pranayama and tummo (practice in yoga).

There are exercises that you can do on a regular basis, in the morning or before bed, for instance. Plus, some practices are for special occasions, whether you’d like to relax before an exam, interview, or another important event. Paid features cover a complete list of exercises, sounds, and visualizations.

Plant Parent

Everything about indoor plants and taking care of them (China)

Plant Parent is an app that can become a magic wand for people who adore indoor plants but struggle to take proper care of them.

Here’s what you will find in Plant Parent:

  • Identification: take a picture of a plant, and the app will show you its’ name;
  • Calendar: add the names of your plants, and the program will remind you when they need to be watered, trimmed, fertilized, replanted, etc.


A place to share your problems with strangers (USA)

The STIGMA App is an application that helps to realize that everyone has mental problems, and it’s absolutely fine to talk about them. After registration, you can choose a topic and share your experiences with other users by making videos. Be free to talk about problems at work, conflicts with friends, trouble looking for a new vacancy, or some everyday issues that you face. In addition, you can listen to the stories of others, reacting to them in voice, text, or video messages.

Such communication becomes an opportunity to speak out and finally find a way out of a difficult life situation.


A platform for planning (Portugal)

Todoist is an app for creating lists and planning what you have to do, both at work and in your personal life. Here, you can:

  • Fix plans on the spot: as soon as a new task comes to mind, you can immediately add it;
  • Synchronize to-do lists with the calendar, voice assistant, mail, or maps;
  • Attach files, comments, and voice notes to tasks;
  • Create shopping lists;
  • Use ready-made templates for planning large projects;
  • Track your goals and habits.

To Wrap It Up

The above-mentioned applications can both distract you from reality and fill it with new meanings. Whether it’s your mental health, communication with friends, productivity, or creative impulses – these platforms will definitely help you keep them in balance and discover new possibilities that you never used before.

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