Tech devices and accessories are some of the best and coolest gifts to give away. Since tech items can make life easier and somehow more fun and exciting, anyonemay wantto receive them as presents. This is especially true for thosewho are always in the know of the greatest and latest tech products but think twice aboutpurchasing them.

Tech devicesarean excellent gift idea, no matter what time of the year it is. They’re also not gender-specific, which makes them even more idealto giveto any of your family and friends. The holiday season is just around the corner, and it means it’s time to go gift shopping. Level up your gifting prowess and head to the nearest tech store or order your tech gifts online.

Techie gifts for the techobsessed

It’s easy to spot someone who’s into anything techie, like when your sibling can’t get enough of the specs and features of the latestsmartphone model. Or yourcousins persistently argue about which noise-canceling headphonesare better than most. The clues are all there, and you only need to pay attention.

Once you’vegatheredthe names of your techie loved ones,you cannow start building a list of what to give. Here are someunique tech gift ideas they probably want to receive this holiday season,whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

  1. Personalized smartphone cases

While there’s a plethora of smart gadgets and accessories to choose from, it won’t hurt to go for the most basic tech items before lookingatsomemore complicated ones. Smartphone accessories may look simple at first glance, but getting them personalized can make themappear more unique in an instant. For example, you can customize iPhone cases, which come in different styles, materials, and designs, for a more bespoke touch.

Surely, your techie relatives and friends would love a speciallydesigned casing for their phonesif you findthe right stylethat would suit their personality. You can customize your gift in different ways. Just pick the photo, art, pattern, orcolor you knowyour loved ones wouldenjoy. And since there are phone cases that aren’t too expensive, you can gift your tech-lover friends or familytwo items each so they can mix and match them depending on their mood and preferences.

2. Smartwatches for the fitness enthusiast

Show your loved ones how much you care for them by giving them an Apple or Android smartwatch that also works as a fitness tracker. You can choose from high-end brands if you have the budget to splurge. Any fitness enthusiast would be delighted to enjoyfeatures such as electrocardiogram functionality and heart rate monitoring.

Apple’s Series 7, for instance, is swim-proof and dust-resistant, and itfeatures a large display that lets the wearer see more from its screen. It also boasts a Blood Oxygen app, which enables a personto take measurements directly from their wrist so they can always stay on top of their wellness tracking. The straps and bands come in different types, materials, and colors, so you’ll never run out of options when looking for versatile and gender-neutral gifts for yourspecial ones.

3. Bike phone mount

Do you have a cyclist family member or friend? If so, you can give them a phone mount or holder they can attach to their gear. This way, they won’t need to carry a small bag or pouch when going biking or cycling. You can pick a universal model that’s compatible with any type of smartphone, especially if you’re not familiar with the model they currently use.

4. UV sanitizer for smartphones

Thoughtfulness never gets out of style, especially when giving gifts. Though some people may have returned to their normal ways of life nowadays,it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to health and wellness. As such, giving your loved ones an ultraviolet (UV) sanitizer for their smartphones may still be a good idea and a unique one at that.

Smartphone sanitizers arethe perfect gifts for people who are always on the go. All they have to do isput their phone inside the sanitizer, as well asother accessories that can fit in, and they’d be good to go. The device uses UV rays to killpathogens that haveaccumulated throughout the day. What’s more, the sanitizer is also a universal charger, so they can conveniently keep their phone plugged in while keeping it sanitized.

Key takeaways

Squeeze out your creative juices and don’t settle for ordinary gifts to give your loved ones at any eventoroccasion. If you’re looking for personalized items to give to your tech-lover relatives or friends, you can check websites like Pixels and other online sourcesfor various customization options for your gift of choice.

Your techie loved ones deserve only the best and most unique gifts you can ever think of. Make them feel more special by giving themamazing presentsthey wouldsurely appreciate. From personalized phone cases to UV smartphone sanitizers, the quick list above should be able to assistwhile yougo gift shopping any time of the year.

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