7 Reasons for Prioritizing Real Estate Apps for Agents, Investor and Brokers

In the digital age, almost everything in the market is going digital including the apps for Real Estate business. In the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered an unprecedented demand for digital solutions pushing the useful tools to a new dynamic market. As the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced almost every way of doing business, the real estate agents and brokers are concerned about maintaining the value, trying to attract more buyers and investors, and trying to maintain a safe environment for the tenants.

This has ushered a new age of digital solutions, for example, applications chiefly designed to meet the requirements of potential buyers and the sellers/brokers/ agents. An app may give the necessary details, for instance the cost to build a condo and its location, security features, and various amenities available. It is most likely that such innovations will be in for the long run.

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Here are 7 reasons why apps should be prioritized in Real Estate business for agents, investors and brokers.

  1. The Boom In Mobile Users

Mobile and internet users are at all-time high right now and it is only going to increase. Analysis before the pandemic shows the top consumption a mobile user consumed was social media. But post-outbreak the demand for users’ friendly apps for all business sectors has drastically increased. This growth of users and demands requires innovations which will provide suitable solutions which can be an app. Artificial intelligence with human assistance according to the service you provide.

  1. Better Marketing and Advertising Prospects

Creating a user-friendly app can be a huge boost in the advertisement. The number of companies in real estate is increasing and so is the competition for profit. An app which assists in the process of choosing a property can make a real estate company stand out. One important factor apart from the current pandemic is the millennial generation. They are already becoming a big part of the customer for real estate companies and young millennial and mobile phone are two in one package.

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  1. Personal Connect with the Customers

Apps can not only provide a platform for advertising a brand but also establish your relationship with potential consumers. Apps can allow businesses to send notification about what’s new or what has changed in their services and their products. And whenever they require a new property, they can directly reach out to you with ease. Unlike the retail market, the real estate market is a whole new different market which requires a personal touch experience. An app will help in providing specific details and responding to every query of the consumer.

  1. Advantage of Apps over a Website

Since we have earlier pointed out the boom in mobile users, apps are mostly designed for mobile. The average time a person spends on a desktop to explore a market website has decreased. Nowadays most people scan through apps stores to explore specific apps designed for a specific market or interest. Even when users are not actively using a mobile app, they are still reminded of the app. The icon of the app acts like a mini-advertisement for the brand.

  1. Efficient for Agents/Broker/Investors

When you invest in developing an app for the service they provide, the apps decrease your workload by scanning the clients. Most of the details a potential customer needs are already provided by the app. Like the location, the size of the estate and the price etc. It also limits the transition cost and lets you work on other business. The efficiency of an app is chiefly in expanding your market reach, as through an app and your presentation, you can potentially expand your market in other locations.

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  1. Efficient for Consumers

Apps are quickly becoming a market on their own. The efficiency of apps for a consumer in real estate is chiefly dependent upon the features the app provides. Most apps provide artificial assistance, like 3D images of the property, and the location around. One important and beneficial aspect of apps in real estate is, the consumer can check the credit of the agents, and you can see their reviews of their works. Apps also save a customer’s valuable time by giving them the freedom to check a property anytime and keeping track of potential future interest. Apps provide a direct channel to your agents without actually establishing it till you are ready.

  1. Safety in midst of Covid-19 Pandemic

Health is paramount and the unprecedented nature of Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt on all economic activities. But with the current situation and the unknown duration of it, businesses are slowly opening up. Maintaining a safe environment for both the parties is essential, and apps can be a great assistance in keeping the market flourishing. There are already several apps available for real estate. However, apps are required to be more user-friendly and more robust. For example, virtual tours or visits wherein home-buyers can opt for virtual tours either to shortlist or to finalize their homes.

These are a few points on how apps can play an important role in bringing the economy back on track by keeping the business like real estate running while maintaining safety. Virtual assistance is a much-needed mechanism right now.