As far as monitoring or surveillance goes, this is a great means for you. Especially when you have people to look after. But knowing that it is a monitoring app is not enough, you need to understand what it will offer you. Therefore, we shall look at what you need to know about the TTSPY monitoring app.

The app helps you track any activity on your child’s smartphone from wherever you are. What’s more amazing is that you will track them completely undetected! When you get the app, you will discover a lot of amazing stuff. What does this app offer you? It has;

  • Extensive compatibility
  • Exclusive features
  • Invisible mode while you are monitoring your person of interest
  • More than twenty monitoring features
  • Ease of use

What’s more, is that there is no rooting required on your phone! Also, you get to have real-time and remote tracking. This makes it easier to use and can be supported in almost all smartphones. But first, let’s take a look at what makes this software tick, what does it entail? What makes it the monitoring that we speak of? Is it worth being called a monitoring app? Then we can see how it can be used to help you in your daily lifestyle.

TTSPY and its features

The software is fitted with features specifically for tracking and monitoring. These are the features that will help do the tracking.

  1. Live camera streaming – software can activate the camera as well as the microphone on your device to spy on your environs, on your target’s phone. You will get to visualize real-time target surrounding activities on their device through their rear and front camera.
  2. Live screen streaming – this can enable you to change text messages or even block messages.
  3. Call-log – this feature gives the call log, lists of people called, or people who called on the phone of interest.
  4. Text messages – this feature helps you record messages from your child’s phone. You cannot always read it all from the expressions and behavior. Here you can find out what they talk about with friends. Furthermore, you can determine if he or she is getting bullied in school, having trouble, indulging in drug use, and any kind of mischievous activity. It will help you get ahead and intervene in extreme cases and rectify things before they get out of hand. And your parenting skills are boosted just like that!
  5. GPS tracking – the software can also track the mobile device of your child or a member of the company’s staff. Their movements will help deduce what they do, and where they go. For companies, you can identify someone if they are intending to sell your secrets to competitors.
  6. IM messages – besides the normal messaging app, there exist other apps that can be used to send messages, videos, and images. TTSPY provides you the chance to intercept them as it can capture almost all the IM applications.

Here are some exclusive features that you will also discover when you get the TTSPY monitoring app:

  • Keylogger – virtually see everything that is being typed on the keyboard of the device. On top of that, you can determine the search terms that have been used before, notes, the security passwords, and more!
  • Browser history – get to track your child’s internet activity from time to time and find out what they are interested in. moreover, this allows you to determine if they lurk into the black sites, or get into sinister browsing. This is a great opportunity to instill internet security restrictions on what your child finds online.
  • Photos & images – this feature can give you access to not only the saved images and photos in the internal storage but also the external storage.
  • Videos and audios – get access to saved videos, audios, and conversations, download them to your storage location.

It doesn’t get any more exclusive than this, this is information agencies like the CIA and top government agencies get. These are crucial personal information that can come in handy in many ways depending on who you are. If you are a parent, well it is most important that you get a glimpse of such information. They not only give a picture of what kind of lifestyle your child lives but also what could be facilitating his or her behavior at home or school.

All it takes are three easy steps to commence monitoring and tracking, it is easy to install and easy to use! These steps are:

  1. Purchase the TTSPY software – all you have to do is to subscribe to a copy for yourself. then, you can click on ‘buy now’ anywhere on the website. Now you are well on your way to starting tracking and monitoring your person of interest.
  2. The second step is installation – you can now download and install our powerful app on the target phone whilst following the instructions provided via your email.
  3. You are now set, you will log in to the control panel and start monitoring calls, messages, track GPS location, and any other activities you would like to know about.

Important to note!

The TTSPY software has been designed for legal use only, do not incorporate your agendas. The company shall not hold liable to any offense committed using this monitoring app. It is meant to help parents and employers only. The app provides you with an End-user license agreement, equips you with privacy policy after you have installed the app.

These highlights sum up all that you need to know about the TTSPY monitoring app. There is no doubt that it will be a great tool at your disposal. But using it for the right reasons is what makes it count. That is why users are categorized as parents and employers. However, parents might decide to monitor their partners, it is not advisable as it may create more harm than good.

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