About TM WhatsApp

Now-a-days online chatting with friends, colleagues and family members is something that we all do and it is one of the best ways to be in touch with your loved ones. We talk about online chatting apps, WhatsApp is an app which we all talk about and we all have it installed in our mobile phones. But there are some features which official WhatsApp does not support and we sometimes feel the necessity of those features. Today we are going to tell you an alternative to WhatsApp which works similar to WhatsApp and you can send messages to your WhatsApp contacts using it. And yes, it’s a free app.

TM WhatsApp APK is a  modified version of the official WhatsApp. TM WhatsApp has recently launched the latest version of their APK in 2021. TM WhatsApp comes with some extra features like different themes and other customizable options which official WhatsApp don’t allow. TM WhatsApp is a third party app, so it cannot be downloaded directly from the Play Store. Therefore we are giving you an official TM WhatsApp APK 2021 link to download app. The official or original WhatsApp never allows you to choose custom options but TM WhatsApp gives many custom options.

Some Interesting Features of  TM WhatsApp

So let us talk about some of the interesting features of TM WhatsApp and see why you should use this APK over the original version of WhatsApp. Many people sometimes want to send messages to multiple people using WhatsApp, for marketing purposes or any other purpose, WhatsApp bans its users for doing this. But TM WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited messages without getting blocked. Therefore, this app is also called an Anti-Ban application.

You can have beautiful looking themes, animations and many other amazing wallpapers. You can change the background of your chats and also TM WhatsApp allows you to change the layout color of the app.

How it’s Different from Official WhatsApp

There are many differences between the official WhatsApp Messenger and TM WhatsApp. Here are the list of differences:

  1. You can’t send more than 30 photos on official WhatsApp in one go, whereas TM WhatsApp allows you to send 100 photos in one go.
  2. Original WhatsApp allows very small duration video in the status, whereas you can post video 7 minutes in the status.
  3. You can send an audio file of 100 MB on TM WhatsApp.
  4. Official WhatsApp Messenger never allows you to change the theme of the app, but with TM WhatsApp you can easily change the theme.
  5. If you send messages to too many contacts at a time, your account will be banned or blocked for a few days by WhatsApp, but TM WhatsApp never blocks you for any activity.
  6. Also, with TM WhatsApp you can change the colors, backgrounds of chats, which is not possible in the official version of WhatsApp.
  7. There is also an option of auto-reply in TM WhatsApp which the original app does not allow.
  8. Official WhatsApp is a more protected and secured app than TM WhatsApp.
  9. Last but not the least, official WhatsApp is available on the Play Store and TM WhatsApp is not.

And there are many other features which you can enjoy after downloading this.

Why TM WhatsApp

Obviously, there are some amazing features due to which you want to use TM WhatsApp over actual WhatsApp. TM WhatsApp is for someone who is not satisfied with the features of the original WhatsApp. Some people say that they feel bored seeing the same theme of WhatsApp regularly, so TM WhatsApp gives you 50+ themes. And many other reasons are there to use this app. You can download it now and see why you like it.

How to Download latest Version

Click here to download the latest version of TM WhatsApp. Enjoy!

APK Details

App Name – TM WhatsApp

Latest version – v7.70

App Size – 45.84

Price – Free

Required Android Version – 4.2 and above


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