TightVNC is a tool which lets you connect and get access to any remote computer. TightVNC is considered one of the best Virtual Network Computing tools for windows. It is one of a kind among several VNC tools available in the market. TightVNC is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer. So, in simple words, TightVNC is a tool for a computer which will give you access to the computer which at a remote location or you don’t have physical access to. TightVNC is free for both personal and commercial use with the availability of source code. It is available for Windows and Unix with Java client installed on the system and its iOS and Android app is available as well.

TightVNC is one of the best and free cross-perform tools for Windows. It is very useful in tech support, education, helping your colleague or friend while you are out of the town or office. Many people use in administration for tech support from the technical team and experts. You can easily set up a cross-platform network between computers with TightVNC connected with internet connectivity. So now when you are out of the office, traveling, or want to work from home you can easily setup TightVNC on both device and access the remote device easily. TightVNC creates the network between the computers just like LAN by assigning static IP. In this article, we would like to tell you how can you download, install, and setup TightVNC on your Windows to connect it with other devices. But before that learn some key features that TightVNC has to offer.


Features of TightVNC

TightVNC is a free tool to connect various computers over virtual network computing so it reduces your expenses and saves your time when you are out. When your employee, office colleague, friends or family want technical help and you are not physically present over there then you can use TightVNC to give them technical support. It can also be helpful to ensure your PC is safe when anyone is using your PC. Here, we have mentioned the key features of the TightVNC.

  • Easy File transfer Windows – TightVNC offers easy file transfer as users can simply upload folders and files from the computer to the TightVNC server and they can be downloaded from the PC that you are using right now.
  • It supports video mirror driver – TightVNC uses DF mirror drivers which help to detect screen data and take pixel data by less consuming processor cycles efficiently.
  • Scaling of the remote desktop – TightVNC users can preset the scale and size of the screen on their computer and they can set the size from small, full size, and depth and other details zoom features are available.
  • JPEG compression option for Encoding – TightVNC encoding is optimized for medium or slow speed connection due to its less traffic. This encoding is configurable with JPEG image quality setting and compression levels.
  • Improved Web browser access – TightVNC offers an improved Java viewer with encoding support. Just like other VNC tool the applet of the Java viewer can be accessed with the HTTP server.
  • Full secure and Control – It supports two passwords and users can set two different passwords to allow and disallow remote keyboard condition depending on which password was used to access.
  • TightVNC including it renders a great performance optimization and no bugs. TightVNC offers great performance optimization and no bugs just like several other similar tools.

How to Download TightVNC on the PC and Mobile

TightVNC is available for Windows, iOS and Android platform. You can easily download the latest version of TightVNC from its official website for Windows and for mobile platform use its respective app store.

You can download TightVNC for your Windows PC and Mobile phones.

Download TightVNC for Windows

Mobile VNC client

TightVNC APK for Android

TightVNC iOS Download

How to install TightVNC on Computer

Step #1: Once you have download the TightVNC on your PC you want to get access remotely, double click on the installer and choose “complete” while installing.

Step #2: Then click “Next”. Make sure all the boxes on the next window are checked such as firewall exceptions, file associations, server options and then click on the “Next”.

Step #3: The second password option is to secure changes to the options later. In this step, a user has to set two passwords. First to authenticate the remote access and second one t secure changes to the options later.

Step #4: Once you have finished setting up the passwords click on OK. So once VNC server is installed successfully it will automatically start whenever you start the system. The icon of TightVNC can be seen in notification panel where you get a notification when someone wants to connect to your network and when someone logs in they may see blank wallpaper as the default setting will hide the wallpaper so you need to change the settings to fix them.

Step #5: To change this setting, you need to go to “All Programs” where you shall folder named TightVNC and fin there TightVNC server and then TightVNC Service Configuration. You need to uncheck the box beside “Hide Desktop Wallpaper” as well as “Show notifications”

Step #6: Now, finally save the settings click on OK and in the next window you shall be notified that the changes you have made will not be applied until the VNC service is restarted. So we recommend you to restart the device and then install TightVNC on the device from which you want to get access to this PC.

How to setup and configure TightVNC Viewer

The process of installing TightVNC viewer to other computers is simple and quite easy so we have given here the detailed process of setup and configuration of VNC viewer on the PC.

  • Once you have downloaded TightVNC on your device install it with the “custom” option and then follow the instruction on the screen
  • Once you have set it up successfully, you will be asked to enter the password you have set on the remote device.
  • Now you are done with the configuration of the TightVNC on both devices you can get access to the former device with the device you have got right now.

Final Words

Now you can easily get access to any of your devices remotely whether you are touring outside or want to work from home. So you can use TightVNC according to your choice and use them to help your colleagues or access your files from anywhere. Just download this free and trustworthy VNC tool and use to connect computers over a network.