The invention and continuously update in the smartphone have not only influence telecom and communication but every business and corporate sector is getting benefitted by this. Whether we talk about mobile gaming, the stock market, online streaming, everything is growing due to the rise in the users of smartphones. Currently, Android and iOS are the most used mobile OS right now, where iOS is more secure and complex and on the other hand, Android is open-source and very easy to use. Android smartphones are cheaper and now almost everyone is using it. But do you know there are several features in your Android that are available for physically impaired as well? Yes, the accessibility setting that we don’t use ever is very beneficial for all of us. So what is it? Let’s find out?

Everything you need to know about Android Accessibility Suite 


What is Android Accessibility Suite and Talkback?

First, let us clear about one thing these both things are the same. Earlier, Google was running the accessibility feature with TalkBack in the Google App Store but in 2018 it changed its name to Android Accessibility Suite, you can also call it Pname com google android marvin talkback. The reason for this new name could be the multiple functions of this application. Talkback is just one of the many features of Android’s accessibility app. So TalkBack is now Android Accessibility Suite.

What is pname com google android marvin talkback?

Many users get confused with this name when they are downloading Android Accessibility Suit from some third-party app stores where “pname com google android marvin talkback” is given as the name of the file. So FYI, it is just the name of the APK setting file. In the Android system folder, Android Accessibility Suite is saved as pname com google android marvin talkback with the same name of the folder.

What are the features of the Android Accessibility Suite?

Well, there will be different menus and functions in the Accessibility (settings) but here are some of the functions and features of the Android Accessibility that can be used by any user.

Accessibility Menu – This function of the accessibility allows users to lock and unlock the device from the on-screen and control the volume along with brightness. Screenshots can be captured with the same on-screen menu.

Select to Speak – Visually impaired people can use the Android smartphone to read (hear) the text on the screen or on the paper on the table. For instance, if you command the phone to read what’s on-screen it will speak or if you place the camera on the text from the paper, wall, or signboard.

  1. Switch to access– This function will allow users to use the smartphone by navigating the phone with volume and power keys without a touch screen. If your screen is not responding then you can use this feature as well.
  2. Talkback– Talkback function of Accessibility offers various feedbacks when you use the device. This feedbacks can be vibration, audio, or get spoken. We often turn on the vibration in keyboard and typing.

Who can use Android Accessibility Suite?

As we said in the introduction that physically impaired or mainly blind people use this accessibility feature to operate the Android phone. The app description on the Google Play Store states that it allows eye-free use of the smartphone. People can use the device for more other purposes as well as commanding it read the text on the screen or open any app on the phone.

As a normal person, can I use Android Accessibility Suite?

Yes, there are many features of the Accessibility that can be used by all the people. Android Accessibility Suite is especially for disabled people to operate the smartphone effectively without seeing the screen or touching it. But features like vibration feedback and sound on touch are used by many users. So, Android Accessibility Suite can be used by everyone.

There is no Android Accessibility Suite in my phone what should I do?

How to download Android Accessibility Suite when it is not available on your phone? The first thing you have to do is find the ‘Accessibility” in the settings of your phone. If you can’t find there then just go to the Google Play store and search for “Android Accessibility Suite” and download the latest version of it on your device.

Should I update the Android Accessibility Suite?

Google updates and adds new features and stability to this function so you need to update the app regularly. If you are thinking about how to update Android Accessibility Suite, then let us tell you that it is just simple as you update any other app on the Play Store.

Signing out…

So now you know that Android Accessibility Suite, talkback, and pname com google android marvin talkback are all the same thing but they represent a different aspect of Android’s accessibility features. So just download or update Android Accessibility Suite and explore what you can do more with that on your phone.