Pinterest is an exciting social media platform, and it is little unlike other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Pinterest gives you a space to share and upload pictures and videos and pin them to your feed in various collections. It is also a source to gain many organic sales and traffic to your business website. The platform is very user-friendly, and the usage is intuitive and straightforward so that everyone can use the app.

It is a visual discovery engine from where users around the globe get inspiration. People have used the platform to sell products, make mood boards for work, projects, personal events, and even make characters for books. You can also find many recipes and tutorials for DIY projects, paintings, and a whole lot more. It is easy to get inspiration for absolutely anything on this website. You can save pins on different boards according to other interests. You can also group boards together under one name if you’d like.

You can undoubtedly pin a lot of posts, but what if you want to download content? Saving images onto your phone or your desktop from Pinterest is pretty easy because you need to right-click or long-press on the image to get it. But downloading videos is not that simple. It is the sole reason people opt to use a Pinterest video downloader app for iOS to save them. Various options are available for downloading videos from Pinterest, and we will be listing those out in this article.


Top 7 Pinterest Video Downloader iOS Apps

1. ExpertsPHP

ExpertsPHP is one Pinterest video downloader app for iOS that most people prefer. It can easily download MP4 HD quality videos and also gifs and images from Pinterest. It is a platform compatible with any desktop or laptop, so you can easily use it on your Apple devices; this is why it is one of the main tools used to download videos today.

To use this platform, you need first to find the video that you want to download. Then you will have to copy the URL of this particular video from the platform. ExpertsPHP is a site where you will see a black box next to the download button to paste the link. You need to then click on download, after which you will download the video.

You can save the video you chose to your device directly as you choose the save option. ExpertsPHP offers unlimited downloads, so you can go ahead and download whatever you want from any browser, be it a browser on the desktop/laptop or one on your phone.

2. Expertstrick

Expertstrick is a Pinterest video downloader app for iOS that can help you download videos from Pinterest very easily. It is one of the best tools you can find online for this, and you can use it to convert gifs and MP4 files and download them. You can use this site on any browser and any laptop/desktop, mobile, or tablet. As long as your device has a browser, you can use this site to get the videos you want hassle-free.

No registration or payment is needed to use this platform. So, you can enjoy using this tool at no cost whatsoever. This site offers a straightforward way to download videos from Pinterest. You need to get the link to the Pinterest video that you wish to download. Once you have the link, you need to paste it onto the Expertstrick website and press download. This feature allows you to pick the format and the resolution of your choice. There is no worry of the solution being lessened or the video being compressed when you download it.

In this manner, you can have the convenience of saving the pins that you want onto your Pinterest boards while also downloading the videos you wish to so you have better access to them.

3. Keepsaveit

Keepsaveit is another Pinterest video downloader app for iOS and is a standard tool for downloading videos. You can download videos in maximum video formats of the prescribed resolution, and you can also convert any video into MP3 format. It is a site that can be used on any browser, be it on the laptop/desktop or the phone. It is an excellent video downloader that users love because of the straightforward download experience.

Here as well, you need to find the video on Pinterest that caught your attention. Then you have to copy that link, go to Keepsaveit, enter the link in the box and click on download and get it in any resolution or format that you want. You will get the video saved to your device, and you will be able to use it as and when you want.

One of the other reasons this is a top-rated video downloader that it allows people to download videos from platforms other than Pinterest. You will see the list of these platforms from which you can download videos as soon as you open the site.

4. Pinterest Videos Downloader

Pinterest Videos Downloader is another Pinterest video downloader app for iOS that you can use. It is a video downloader that is free and easy to use. Anyone can use it, beginners and long-term users alike, since usage is intuitive and not complex. You can download the videos and images you want from Pinterest onto your phone or desktop/laptop directly.

You can change the formats of the videos that you want on your phone as well. There is no functionality you get on the web browsers that you will not find if you open this site on your mobile. You can download videos, images, and even gifs from the Pinterest app/website. What you need to do is to first find the video on Pinterest that you want to download.

Whether you are on the Pinterest app or the website, you can easily copy the shareable link of this video. Once this gets copied, you need to paste the link onto the Pinterest Videos Downloader website to download this. You will save the downloaded video onto your device, and you can repeat this process unlimited times and download as many videos from Pinterest as you would like.

5. Paste download

Paste download is an excellent Pinterest video downloader app for iOS and functions with compatibility for users to download videos and audio from websites. You can download videos on this platform from Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and many more platforms. This tool is an intermediary platform that you can use to download videos as you copy the URL links right from the official website that you want the video from.

It is another excellent alternative to download Pinterest videos from the website in the same manner that you would on the other video downloader sites. You need to copy the link to the video from Pinterest that you want. Then paste this link onto the Paste download website, and just as the name suggests, that is all you need to download the videos you want. Once the download is over, you will find the video you selected on your device.

It is a website that works on browsers on all phones and also laptops/desktops. Paste download is free, and there are multiple social media platforms whose videos you can easily download using this particular tool from any browser. It makes it a versatile tool, and you can find the list of platforms supported on the link above.

6. Catch Tube

Catch. Tube is a Pinterest video downloader app for iOS that you can keep handy for when you want to download videos for Pinterest. It can be a tutorial that you liked or even a recipe that you can watch on the go after downloading. It is another tool that supports many different social sites to download videos from various social media platforms.

It also supports different websites through various browsers to easily download videos, and this too in the maximum resolution as you would prefer. It means that if you use this tool to download a video from Pinterest, you can rest assured that you will not compromise the quality in any manner.

To use this tool to download videos, you will need to copy the video link from Pinterest. Then open any browser and go to the Catch. Tube site and paste the link on there. The process of downloading videos is straightforward. Once you paste the link, click on the download button, and the video will be downloaded on any of your devices, be it on your phone or your laptop/desktop.

7. Experts Tool

Experts Tool is the last Pinterest video downloader app for iOS from our list of tools that can help you download the videos you want from Pinterest. Like all of the other sites mentioned, this tool, too, is entirely free and requires no registration, payment, or even installment. If you have a phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop that has a browser, you will easily use Experts Tool on it.

The videos, gifs, and images you love from Pinterest, can be stored on your device using this tool. Experts Tool also allows users to pick the format and resolution of videos they want for greater convenience. So, if you want a 4K HD quality video, then downloading it from this tool will give you precisely that quality. You can use this site as is without needing to install any extensions or third-party apps onto your device.

Here too, the process for downloading is the same as on the other websites. You need to copy the link of the video, gif, or image from Pinterest that you want, and then you can paste it on Experts Tool to download it. You will save it on your device to have it handy as and when you want it.


Pinterest is a top-rated app whose primary usage is to view photos, gifs, and videos. But this platform has evolved to be an excellent place for people to get inspiration from for personal projects, work, and a whole lot more. You can also organize the posts you love in separate sections to come back to whenever you want. But Pinterest does not have a feature that allows users to download videos and gifs from it directly.

So, if you want the way to help you download videos and gifs from Pinterest, this article should’ve given you various options that will suit your needs the best. There are links here to different websites where you can enter the link of the Pinterest video to download it. It is why a Pinterest video downloader app for iOS is the primary method used to download videos from Pinterest.

The process is straightforward on all of these platforms. All that is needed is that you get the URL of the video you want, and you need to paste it and download the video from these websites. You can easily save all of the videos that you want onto your devices. Since you have these videos with you, you can watch them whenever you want and the resolution you want.

As said before, all these platforms allow unlimited downloads, so you can go ahead and download as many videos as you would want. Now, while all of them have the same process and premise, it is still helpful to have various options if one freezes or does not load. Having these many alternatives will ensure that you can download any video desired from Pinterest at any moment with no hindrances whatsoever.

This way, you can save all that interests, inspires, and connects you for either future reference or just because you liked it. Your collection of videos, photos, and gifs on your device can steadily grow, and the best part is that all of these downloads will be in the format and resolution that you want, even if the video you wish to is in 4K HD quality. So, the next time you see something on Pinterest that catches your eye, you can easily use one of these sites to store that on your device.