Music is one of the best stress-relieving therapies of all time. It soothes your mind and transports you to another world. And thankfully, this soul food doesn’t come with pricey tags or unnecessary hustle. The internet is jam-packed with tons of music streaming applications, thus broadening your choices.

One such option trending these days is Pandora. Whether unwinding on your couch or driving down the road, this streaming app has something for every taste. Besides, this app is compatible with multiple platforms, including macOS, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, and many more, to offer a complete on-the-go experience.

However, no matter how well the app is created, it is susceptible to errors that can spoil both your experience and mood. One such error users have reported lately is the “Pandora Session Timed Out” message. And there can be several reasons that might have triggered the issue. But don’t worry about it, as we are here to fix the mess. This detailed tutorial has everything about the error, including the description, causes, and solutions to get rid of this trouble. So, let’s get rolling.

What Does the Session Timed-Out Error on Pandora Mean?

Understanding the error message is mandatory to manage the condition in a much better and more productive way. Hence, speaking about the error, the message reflects that the session time has expired, and you have to relaunch the app or service to enjoy a music streaming experience. It appears when a specific time has passed, and no communication with the Pandora server has happened.

The “Pandora Session Timed Out” error is officially represented at Error Code 3007. A session time-out is a security feature that automatically logs you out from the service when there’s no activity for a long time.

The error message literally brings a wave of shock among users relying on the app, leaving them disappointed and frustrated. But thankfully, it is a temporary glitch, and you can resolve it without involving any complex methods.

What are the major reasons behind the Pandora Session Timed Out Error?

Now you have learned about the “Pandora Session Timed Out” error message; it’s time to discover the major reasons triggering the error. And you may be shocked to know that the list of potential causes that may lead to the trouble is endless.

This error can occur due to a variety of reasons; hence, you should outline them and try to avoid such scenarios from happening again. Here, we have mentioned a handful of them for our readers’ sake of convenience. Scroll through them and see what’s exactly spoiling your overall music streaming experience with Pandora.

  • Geographical Boundaries

Shocked? Indeed, you should be, as it is the most common and probably the least expected reason behind the Pandora Session Timed Out error. Pandora is a geo-locked application, which means that it creates trouble or error when somebody tries to use and open it beyond its allowed geographical boundaries, i.e., the United States. So, if you are from outside of the US, unfortunately, this app is not for you, and it’s better to find other alternatives to pamper the music lover inside you.

  • Poor Internet Connection

Since Pandora requires a stable and uninterrupted internet connection to stream your favorite tracks, it might create a fuss in the presence of a poor or unstable network. Hence, it’s advised to connect to a strong internet source, and enjoy your favorite tracks, regardless of the time and location.

  • Outdated Version

While an outdated app version may be one of the least thought reasons behind the Pandora Session Timed Out error message, it still creates trouble and interrupts your experience like a nightmare. Like other music streaming applications, Pandora often releases new updates for an advanced experience; hence, it’s good to keep the app up-to-date and avoid any trouble when listening to popular tracks.

  • Firewalls

The app may show the Pandora Session Timed Out message due to firewalls and other anti-virus programs. Sometimes, these apps don’t recognize Pandora and categorize it as a malicious code or service. Owing to this, it stops users from connecting to its servers, thus representing the error message on the screen.

The “Pandora Session Timed Out” Error Fixing Guide

Are you ready to say goodbye to this error for eternity? Continue scrolling through the guide and find some effective methods to resolve the error at its earliest. These solutions are tried and tested; hence, you can count them every time the Pandora Session Timed Out message pops up on the screen.

However, we have included the troubleshooting methods in a progressive manner; hence follow the sequence, and continue trying until the problem vanishes. So, shall we begin with the action?

1.      Make sure you are not facing network troubles.

Since Pandora is an internet-based application, you have to make sure that your device is connected to strong, uninterrupted network services for a continuous flow. Check your internet speed, and switch to a different device if you are not receiving the connection strength up to the mark.

You can also restart the router to resolve the temporary glitch and see if it assists your app issue.

2.      Check for updates

Most of the time, updating the Pandora app can resolve the problem. Hence, you must check if there’s any update available on Pandora’s official website and download it to continue a seamless music streaming experience.

All you need to do is head over to the official website of the app or any other store from where you’ve downloaded the application and check for updates. If it is so, then install them right away and try launching the app again. The error should have been resolved by now.

However, if you are still receiving the error message, then fret not, as we have a couple of other solutions to fix the problem. Continue scrolling and see what other measures you can take to bring the app back to life.

3.      Clear the app cache.

The faulty or corrupted cache can sometimes lead to unexpected glitches. It also affects the overall app experience; hence, it should be taken care of. Moreover, cache clearance also gives you a fresh start and can solve other underlying issues, too.

Hence, wait no further, and try clearing the Pandora app cache to see if this hack fixes the problem. Here’s how to do so.

  • Click on the Settings tab and turn to the “Apps and Notifications” section.
  • If you’ve tried opening Pandora recently, you will find it under the “Recently Opened Apps” section. Otherwise, you should select the “See all apps” tab to find the Pandora app.
  • A new page will open where you must tap on the “Storage and Cache” option.
  • There, you must locate the Clear Cache button. Click on it, and it’s done. Try using the app again, and we think your error has now been resolved. However, if it isn’t, don’t lose your calm, and try clearing the user’s data from the app, too. But you should remember that clearing the data logs you out of the application, and you have to sign in again to enjoy your playlist.

4.      Reinstall the Pandora App

Last but not least, you can try re-installing the Pandora app and fixing the Session Timed Out error message for good. This process can remove minor bugs and technical glitches, thus allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want.

To do so, simply uninstall the application from your device (the process of uninstallation varies from one device to another), and go to the official website of Pandora to download the app again. Sign into your Pandora account, and we hope you can now stream the music without any interruption.


Your life doesn’t stop, and now your music doesn’t have to, either. Pandora is one of the leading US-based music streaming applications, creating a buzz since the moment it stepped into the market. But, eventually, it is a piece of code that can be subject to unexpected bugs. However, there’s no need to panic over such a pity issue. The glitch is temporary, and users can easily get rid of it permanently by using the simple yet effective solutions listed above.