Are you a regular user of Optus Living Network and facing Optus Webmail not working error? Well, there’s no need to worry about it, as you are not alone in this problem. A majority of Australian users have complained about the outage issue with the Optus webmail lately. Therefore, our experts have carefully reviewed the problem to locate the actual cause.

In addition, we have also outlined the potential solutions to fix the error for good. So, what keeps you stopping now? Keep scrolling the page, and find the complete guide on how to resolve the Optus Webmail not working error permanently. You can easily fix the issue by applying simple troubleshooting steps or dialing a toll-free technical support number.

What is Optus Webmail?

Before we jump into the error, let’s first outline the information about the Optus Webmail to get a better idea.

Optus Webmail enables users to quickly access their email from any device with a stable internet connection. It lets you perform several email-related tasks, like send, receive, forward, save, and delete mail from any Optus account in a few simple clicks.

Here’s how to access Optus Webmail.

  1. Launch the official Optus Webmail on your browser.
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Don’t forget to enter the security code that appears in the box and click the “Log-in” button to access the account.

This email is mainly supported throughout Australia and is extremely simple to operate from anywhere. However, recently many users complained about the Optus Webmail not working error. But fortunately, the problem is temporary, and you can quickly fix it by using the simple yet effective methods listed below.

The Potential Reasons Why Optus Webmail is not working

It’s always good to find the significant reasons for the error before jumping onto the solutions. Knowing the root cause always helps you decide the better option when resolving the problem. Hence, we have mapped out the primary reasons leading to the trouble. Check them out and move on to the solutions accordingly.

  • Unstable Internet: The major cause of appearing the Optus Webmail not working error is a poor or weak internet connection. Look, this webmail purely depends on the internet; hence, it won’t work in the absence of the network or during weak signals. In such cases, it reflects the error message when you try to open it.
  • Inappropriate information: Sometimes, errors appear when you enter the wrong credentials into the respective data boxes. The server got confused by multiple wrong entries and started reflecting the error message on the screen.
  • Server problem: The next major reason that causes the trouble to happen is its server maintenance issue. If the Optus webmail is down, the website crashes, and users end up losing data.

How to fix the Optus Webmail not working Error?

Here’s a quick rundown of the major solutions that will help you fix the problem for good. Follow the solutions step-by-step and get the job done easily.

  • Check the Internet Connection

Since the primary cause of the Optus Webmail not working error is the poor internet connection, it’s best to check the network or signal strength before moving to any complex method. You can either switch to another network source or turn off the modem and router and start again to get back the network connection.

  • Restart your device

Sometimes, the error appears due to a technical bug in the phone. In such cases, you can restart your device, whether phone or tablet, to clear the cache. You can either reboot the phone or turn on the Airplane mode to resolve the webmail not working error.

  • Try different browsers

Optus webmail doesn’t work if you try to open it in an incompatible browser. Hence, it is advised to consider using another browser that you use normally and see if this hack resolves the trouble.


So, that’s all about how to fix the Optus Webmail not working error. We hope our guide will help you fix the trouble in a few simple steps. If the error doesn’t resolve even after using all the methods listed above, then you can dial the toll-free number of the Optus Webmail service and ask the technical support from the customer support team,

Feel free to share your feedback with us in the comment section below. For more such informational guides, keep visiting the page regularly.