Here, I explain to latest news for Nintendo Announces a Host of New Indie Switch Titles and Nintendo has been receiving a lot of criticism lately for the lack of notable games coming out on the Nintendo Switch and company had a solid slate of first and third party titles released throughout the last two quarters from March to August.

Now new video that Nintendo posted on its YouTube channel, featuring a slew of new games scheduled to launch for the Nintendo Switch soon and 22 minute video starts with a summer showcase of Nintendo Switch’s indie games and including Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy Forever and release on the Nintendo Switch starting in 2018 and side scrolling plat former is a challenging game where the levels get increasingly difficult.

Game features all the classic side scrolling action and plat forming challenges that gamers have come to love from the Shovel Knight titles and one of the games that really stood out from the pack was the isometric RPG Golf Story, which is set to release this September for the Nintendo Switch.

Next Up Hero is an upcoming title set to launch first on the Nintendo Switch in early 2018 and Players can spot the ghost and then revive the ghost as a companion to help out during the adventure.

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2017

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