Photos are unarguably one of the best ways to capture wonderful moments alone or with friends and family members. Due to the fact that almost everyone can afford to purchase a smartphone, taking pictures is now easier than decades ago. At times, some of these pictures must be edited before sharing them with others on social media sites or via email. Although there is millions of photo editing software on the internet and new ones will continue to emerge, most of them are either developed for professional use or lack important features.

Movavi Photo Editor is regarded as one of the top photo editing software because of its ease of use and a wide array of options that comes with it. Nice features are added during each upgrade. The latest version has options that include more than 70 special effects and users can apply multiple effects to a single image. Let’s take a look at some of the features that distinguishes this software from the rest.


Magic Enhance

This option helps to boost the quality of your photos by making changes to its brightness, contrast and white balance automatically. Perhaps you want a particular element to be distinct in the foreground, Magic Enhance will come in handy.

Unique filters

Various filters are available to enhance your photos without any hassles. While editing, you can try each filter to see its effects till you are satisfied.

Frame and composition

The framing and composition of any picture can be tweaked by rotating, cropping, flipping or resizing to your taste.

Object removal

After taking a great photo, you may discover that an unwanted element like people or objects makes it to appear less than perfect. You don’t have to worry anymore as you can eliminate such elements completely with a single click. The good thing is that no traces of the element will be visible.

Replace background

Users can either replace the background of their photo with a new one or give it a transparent background. It depends on what you really want.


Adding text to photos is a creative way to enhance their appearance. It is useful for creating nice captions for photos and users have the option to try different font styles, colors, and sizes. One outstanding attribute of Movavi Photo Editor is that it can recognize any font style that you’ve previously installed on your computer.

Digital makeover

Digital makeover is one of the latest trends in photo editing, but not all developers are getting it right. This photo editing software has an impressive collection of digital makeup tools that can be used to eliminate wrinkles and blemishes, alter eye color, add tint to lips and whiten your teeth. This will definitely go a long way to make your selfies look perfect.

How to use Movavi Photo Editor

This software has a clean and intuitive user interface. You don’t need to have any prior experience in photo editing before using it. Select the area that you want to edit after importing the image from your computer. The options are neatly arranged in tabs, making it easier to choose each tab and have access to the necessary tools. Once you are through with editing, simply save the picture in the desired format and you’re good to go.

Movavi Photo Editor is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

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