If you are little aware of what’s going on in the world right now or if you love watching gameplay streaming then you might have a little fuss about Ligma. Since the last year, the disease or we would rather say the word “Ligma” has been getting so much attention on the internet. Whether you are on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram or any other social site then you must have heard this term. Some people on social media platforms are saying that Ligma is a disease that has caused the death of popular game streamer “Ninja”. But is this real? Is Ligma a deadly disease? Let’s dig deep here.

What is Ligma and how did it come?

So the first question we should ask is from where did this term “Ligma” come.

Let’s start with a story. There is a popular game streamer on Twitch. FYI, Twitch is the site where users can stream their live gameplay and other users can watch it. He got even more popularity after playing Fortnite with Drake – the rapper. For a few days, Ninja stopped streaming games on Twitch and people started a rumor that Ninja had been suffering from Ligma disease and lastly he is dead due to the Ligma. But Ninja is totally alive and fine and there is nothing called Ligma in this exist other than this made-up rumor.

Yes, Ligma is just a made name of the made-up disease that doesn’t exist. An Instagram account named “Ninjahater” was the first on the internet that started this rumor. The Instagram handler of this account, on 17 July 2018 posted a photo of Ninja with the caption saying he is dead because of Ligma disease and started the death hoax. Since then everybody freaked out and started searching more for Ligma disease. But Ligma is just a fake disease so no need to worry. So Ligma is just apocryphal and no reality behind it.

If you search for “what is Ligma?” on Google, then the first two results have an exact opposite explanation about this term. Dictionary.com has to say that Ligma is a completely made-up disease and an internet hoax that claimed to have killed popular Twitch streamer Ninja. While urbandictionary.com says that Ligma is disease and all that. So you have to know that both sites are community-based sites and people add content to different words. So nothing can be trusted on the internet on the very first step.

What are the symptoms of Ligma?

After the death hoax of Ninja with Ligma, many people on the internet searching for Ligma disease symptom, cure, and precaution about Ligma. According to the rumor, the symptoms of Ligma were the same as the characteristic of Ninja and his behavior. Ligma symptoms include hair of the disease holder turn green, eyes look like they are high, and you won’t able to use cuss words. The rumor also stated that playing Fortnite may cause you Ligma. So these all seem really rubbish from the first symptom already. Nothing can happen to a person while Fortnite or any other game.

What is the real meaning of Ligma?

Ligma is just a made-up name from the cuss words called “lick my balls”. Ligma just sounds like “lick ma”. This is the real meaning behind the word Ligma. Next time somebody tells you to stop playing Fortnite or else you may suffer from Ligma then you can just say Ligma balls.

Final Words:

Now you know Ligma is just a fake name of a made-up disease that doesn’t exist in the world. If it would be real then all the governments of the world and WHO would have gathered some people for researches and Fortnite would be banned by now.

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