Roku is among the trending streaming devices and it has some really amazing features so, viewers can enjoy live TV and movies without any subscriptions. Roku is one of the best alternatives to Amazon Firestick. But there is a wide difference between these gadgets is the liberty they give to the users. With Fire Stick, users can download and install apps that are not even available on App Store but Roku users don’t have this liberty.

That is why in order to bypass this safe wall of the Roku device, most of the users prefer jailbreaking Roku and get maximum out of it. But most of the videos and articles on the internet don’t provide the working process on how to jailbreak the Roku device.


Jailbreak: What Is It?

Before we go on to the topic of jailbreaking Roku, we need to understand the concept of Jailbreak. Basically, this is the procedure of eradicating boundaries levied by the gadget makers. These limitations are imposed with the purpose of securing the device so no unsafe app can be installed. But we don’t actually jailbreak the device to download some unauthorized apps but we want to install some tweaked apps.

In order to install jailbreak on Roku or jailbreak other devices, we need to download and installed a patched version of the firmware which removes the restriction imposed by the OS. There are a number of apps and additional features for the jailbroken device so, if you want to live on the edge then you get jailbreak your device.

Jailbreaking Roku will allow users to install the app that is not available for the Roku device on its app store. With Kodi on Roku or other modified apps, users can stream live TV channels, TV shows, movies, and much more for free. So, the jailbreak has its own perks but it also voids the warranty of the device.

Can I Jailbreak My Roku Device?

Well, we talked about all the stuff here about what can happen if we jailbreak the Roku device but is it really possible to jailbreak the Roku device. In a nutshell, we shall you that Roku devices cannot be processed for jailbreak. No Roku box or Roku TV can be jailbroken. So, there no possibilities for downloading and enjoying tweaked versions of the applications on the Roku device.

But don’t be hopeless as there are some other methods that allow users to enjoy such apps on Roku which are the best alternative to jailbreaking Roku device. So, basically, you are jailbreaking the Roku device without infiltrating its firmware with the methods given here.

Jailbreak a Roku Device with Two Methods

There are mainly two methods to jailbreak the Roku device. These methods are done by installing Plex or screen mirroring. In order to follow the method of jailbreaking Roku with Plex, you need to install Plex Media Server on your device. This will help us to sync the catalog with the home server and then Roku.

So, once Plex Media Server is installed, then you need to get the Plex client for the Roku device. Let’s see how to do it.

Jailbreak Roku Using Plex

  1. Press the home key on the Roku remote and navigate to the search bar. Type in Plex here.
  2. Then select the Plex app from the search results and then hit the “Add channel” option.
  3. Now Plex will be installed and then hit the OK.
  4. Go to the Options setting in Plex client and select Move channel.
  5. Put the Plex easy to access apps list and hit the launch option
  6. Now Sign in to the Plex home screen with the activation code
  7. In order to do that open the web browser on any device and open the Plex website and enter the code appearing on the screen.
  8. It will be linked and then navigate on the Plex app to select the server for and then hit the continue option.
  9. You can personalize the settings of navigation and save it.

Now simply select the Plex Media Server and enjoy all the free movies and TV shows catalog available there.

Jailbreak Roku Using Screen Mirroring

Using screen mirroring can also be a good option for Roku users as an alternative to jailbreaking. You might already be familiar with screen mirroring. With your smartphone, you can easily cast the screen of the phone to TV and Roku TV as well.

Well, screen mirroring your smartphone to your Roku device is quite simple but using the PC is quite a complex process. Let’s see how to cast screen mirroring on the Roku device with PC.

  1. Open the setting of the Roku gadget and select the System.
  2. Now go to Screen Mirroring and then mode and then Prompt.
  3. Go to your PC or laptop running on Windows and open setting.
  4. Navigate to Bluetooth and select Wireless display and then chose Roku device there
  5. It will be connected automatically and then hit the Done button.
  6. Allow permission on the Roku device, if asked.

Now you can enjoy all the movies and TV shows available on your PC on the Roku device by screen mirroring.

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