In the traditional times, you had to follow people around physically to know their location. You had to risk your life, detection and your relationship to follow people around. But, times have changed and even tracking someone’s location has evolved as a process.

Now, it has become possible to track someone’s current location without even them knowing about it. If you find alternatives online for tracking someone’s location, you will find a plethora of options. But, are all of them trustworthy? Can you count upon all spy applications?

There might be a lot of claimants, but not all offer the kind of service that one desires from a location tracking app. Here, we will discover the most reliable, the most easy to operate and use spy application, Safespy.

Safespy: The Perfect Web Based Application

Safespy is a web-based application allowing its users to remotely access someone’s location by cell phone number. The idea of live tracking is that, as long as someone has their mobile phone, tracking their live location becomes super easy with Safespy.

As mentioned earlier, there are many apps claiming tracking services with all their bells and whistles. Instead of falling prey to the pompous display of invisible services, you must go  for the tried and tested name like Safespy.

If you intend to track someone’s location without triggering any sort of suspicion, Safespy is the perfectly safe mode of doing so. In an utterly simplified and time efficient process, you can attain access into someone’s phone and viewing their live location becomes immediately possible.

Simplified Dashboard

While using a spy app itself makes the users very apprehensive about detection while in the process, there can be nothing more troublesome than a complicated spy app. You would dread hitting the wrong tab or risking your identity.

The beauty of Safespy is its simplicity. It is immensely simple to operate. With a minimal set of requirements, you can operate with utmost ease. The application has a simplified spread of tabs that will guide you through the processes. Just by clicking on the right tab, you can witness the feature or function.

Stealth Mode

You can do a lot with Safespy without coming to notice. The application allows you to do much more than mere tracking someone’s location. You can see their messages, call records, emails, library of apps, social media pages, and even their browser history. All this and more with top notch secrecy.

Keylogger Feature

Out of a number of features and things that make Safespy special, one of them is the keylogger feature. This feature provides the impetus to Safespy users to see the important keystrokes made by someone on their phone.

Vital keystrokes means if they deleted a text or created a draft that they didn’t send, you can see all that. You can see the true intentions of the phone user and get VIP access into someone’s mind. What we do not end up doing matters as much as what we end up doing.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

To track someone’s location, you do not need to pull out extra efforts of rooting or jailbreaking through their phones. You can even access their phone immediately and absolutely remotely. Even the physical location of the user becomes irrelevant for tracking their location.

Safespy: Track Someone’s Location Immediately

We either have iPhone users in our life or Android phone users. Either way, you can track both of their phones without any issues. You can track someone’s location absolutely remotely with this app.

The process of tracking through Safespy is extremely time efficient. In practically a few minutes itself, you can start and accomplish the task of linking the app with someone’s phone. There is no complicated process, just few simple steps:

Step 1: You begin the process of tracking someone’s location when you register and sign up on Safespy’s website. Your email ID is sufficient to register.

Step 2: Once signed in post registration, you then need to choose a plan that suits your spying demands. Safespy has a plethora of plans to choose from. The plans are monthly and cater to different kinds of user needs. Nonetheless, you can find some really economical plans.

Step 3: After you are done purchasing the plan you like, you will then receive a set up link on your email ID. Just by clicking on the link, you initiate the set up. The set up will be prompt and immediate. 

Step 4: Linking to Someone’s Phone

This is an essential part of the process. If someone has an iPhone, you need to use iOS as the target platform. To establish the link with iOS, you just need to enter the iCloud credentials of the user of the target phone.

The moment you enter the iCloud ID and password, you will instantaneously link Safespy with the target iPhone. Now, this is as simple as it gets. Did you even touch the target iPhone anywhere in the process? The link will be established between the app, and the target phone.


If someone has an Android phone, you need to use Android as the target platform. As Android has its own set of regulations governing apps, no app can allow completely direct and remote access. Thereby, you would need to download the Safespy app on the target Android phone.

But, you do not have to worry about detection risks, as Safespy’s trick for Android devices is quite grand.  Safespy app only weighs 2 Mb. Meaning, it only takes a few moments to download as it weighs so miniscule.

Once downloaded and signed in, the app can be hidden immediately. When hidden, the app goes incognito, nowhere to be seen or felt on the phone. It even vanishes from the library of apps. However, the link then establishes, and you can track someone’s location remotely.


It would sound impossible for some to know that you can track someone’s current location without them knowing. But, with the support of Safespy, you can attain all the location details and much more, just by using the app.

If you have doubts about people lying about where they are or what they are doing, you might as well take the matter in your own hands.

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