Whenever you become a college or university student then .edu email account will be needed at this education stage which includes your name. Full-name@Uni.edu is the example of an edu email account with your name. If you are not registered any of the college or university and you want the free edu email address then we have the possible solution that can solve your account generate issues with the help of this article. It is not just the talk but we had already tested this method last Friday 1st March 2021 and this work 100% properly.

 Edu email advantage rundown isn’t restricted in shopping or software type; there are numerous different advantages like free area name and significantly more.


What is the purpose or benefit of free edu email?

There are many benefits if you are having the free edu email student account which helps in saving money as a student in different ways, some of them are mention below

1#. Amazon Student Pack:

When you utilize a free edu email account and sign up to the Amazon Student account then you get access to use Amazon Prime for Zero charges for a half year, which has numerous advantages:

  • Amazon provides free shipping within two days for multiples products available on Amazon.
  • Get boundless of streaming films, TV shows, and music on Amazon Prime.
  • Access select arrangements for understudies
  • Amazon Prime Photos provide the boundless photograph storage

2#. GitHub Student Developer Pack:

The first and greatest advantage of having a free edu email address is the GitHub Student Developer Pack, the best free designer instruments, and administrations for understudies. This understudy pack accompanies 12 incredible offers and free administrations that might be helpful to you, for example, $15 Amazon AWS coupon, $50 Digital Ocean coupon and substantially more.

  • Free edu email Benefit: Amazon AWS coupon $15
  • Free edu email Benefit: Digital Ocean coupon $50. It will be lapsed inside a year in the wake of adding to your account (For new account only)
  • Free edu email Benefit: Bitnami offers the Business 3 plan for one year that ordinarily cost $49 every month.
  • Free edu email Benefit: edu account can access to the Crowdflower stage.
  • Free edu email Benefit: DNSimple – Offers the Personal facilitated DNS plan for a long time that commonly charges $5 every month.
  • Free edu email: Offers boundless private stores while you are an understudy. Typically, GitHub charges $7 every month.
  • Free edu email: HackHands credit $25, a live programming help that accessible every minute of every day.
  • Free edu email: A suite of Microsoft Azure cloud administrations and designer devices: Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Community and whatever is left of Microsoft engineer instruments, while you are an understudy.
  • Free edu email: NameCheap.com: Offer one year.ME area name enrollment that costs $18.99 every year – and one year SSL endorsement that costs $10 every year.
  • Free edu email: Arrange: Access to the Developer account that costs $49 every month, while you are an understudy. It’s a finished database portfolio, incorporates look, time-arrangement occasions, relocation, and diagram inquiries through an API.
  • Free edu email: SendGrid: Offers the Student plan with 15,000 free messages for every month, while you are an understudy.
  • Free edu email: Travis CI: Access the Private forms that charge you $69 every month, while you are an understudy.

3#. Apple:

You will help yourself saving a ton of cash by utilizing the free edu email account to buy items from Apple where the student has the chance to save up to $200 on Apple PCs.

4#. LastPass:

LastPass offers a half year of the LastPass Premium for any clients with an edu email account.

5#. Microsoft DreamSpark:

Get Microsoft DreamSpark with a lot of valuable software includes Microsoft Office 365 membership for zero charges.

6#. Newegg Premier:

Get 12 months of Newegg Premier that costs you $50. Simply join Newegg Premier Email address with your under study free edu email account.

Tip To Get Free Edu Email Benefit From Cuesta College

If you are interested to apply for the student benefit with CCCAPPLY.ORG then here is the update .edu email, a way to make it right now. It is possible which will allow you to create edu mail free within 15 minutes, so check “GET YOUR FREE .EDU EMAIL”.

Step #1: Open the URL cccapply.org, select the College from apply now menu (dropdown) and click on the apply button. For the test, I select Cuesta College.

Step #2: Now the system will directly connect you with the Cuesta College’s websites, for the latest term clicks on Apply online.

3# Now you enter to the Opencccapply.net in this step, here you have to create your account by filling foam (name, SSN, address). Use fakenamegenerator.com if you are using the fake details.

4# At this stage your had done signing up, now press the start button for new application and select your college (Cuesta College)

5# After clicking on the start application, fill up all the necessary details with same data on application foam.

6# Now submit the application.

Note: If you mention SSN fake in the application then you should get an email as per instruction (your_name@my.cuesta.edu)

7# You get the confirmation of your edu account confirmation within 15 minutes and then enjoy all the benefits.

To Get Free Edu Email Account To Get Student Benefit

Presently let’s go into the topic. Instructions to get free .edu email by following the method mention below perfectly in detail to make a free .edu email account. This instructional exercise is isolated into three sections where Section 2 is optional and can be skipped if you want. Here is a bbiuniversity login detail just readout.

Free Edu Email Account Section 1

Stage 1: Go to this URL and explain Captcha: At that point click on new client and afterward join with email.

Stage 2: To fill the detail you can utilize your genuine name and email yet in the event that you are not a US resident, at that point, you can utilize this URL connection to create fake edu email student detail.

  • For Shot term email you can follow the example
  • Full Name (Mary N Morey)
  • Gender (female)
  • Title (Mrs.)
  • Race (Black)
  • Birthday (11/16/1957)
  • Social Security Number (306-90-8491)

Important: Noted Name, username and Password might require later.

Stage 3: After completing all the necessary detail to the provided field, click on submit.

Since you have generated your free edu account lets proceed onward to “section 2” of this instructional method.

Free Edu Email Account Section 2

After you create your edu account in the above section 1 and log-in, click on Apply Now. Select any college/university name from the rundown and snap-on Apply. A spring up will open at that point click on Apply Now (OR CONTINUE APPLICATION) BUTTON. At that point, you are requested diverse inquiries. You can respond to these inquiries haphazardly or you can utilize the detail beneath to address these inquiries.

  • First name and last name: Put the name that you have entered to some extent 1. Leave another field unfilled.
  • Date of Birth, Social Security Number: Enter a subtlety that was created from this URL connection.
  • Sexual orientation: Male/Female (as you like)
  • Racial or ethnic distinguishing proof: White
  • Hispanico or Latino: No
  • Have you at any point connected, went to: No
  • After that click on Save and Continue.
  • For mailing address utilize the detail produced from this URL connection.
  • Is this your perpetual location: Yes
  • You can leave phone number clear.
  • At that point keep an eye on I have checked on the rules box and snap on spare and proceed.
  • Which secondary school training: I don’t have a GED/High
  • Last date visited: 01/2017
  • Most noteworthy evaluation finished: eleventh grade.
  • Have you ever gone to: No
  • I have wanted to acquire a degree: No
  • I intend to begin class: Choose any
  • After that click on Save and Continue.
  • Have you at any point served military: No
  • Are you military: No
  • After that click on Save and Continue.
  • Parent 1 and 2: Choose any
  • What is your present status? : Native US
  • Essential spoken language: English
  • Do you need: No
  • After that click on Submit your finished application

Free Edu Email Account Section 3

After effectively finishing the application put on your mark that is your full name. At that point, you will be diverting to all your detail. Under the understudy data, you will get your username and transitory secret key. Note down that secret word, username, and different subtleties.

After that, you can go to URL and login where you will get your free edu email.

Important: Activation will take more than 7 hours for login qualifications, log in before the time duration you will get an error that your username and password is invalid.


This is the finish of this instructional of how to get the free edu email for a student account and get the benefits from a different platform. By along these three sections you have effectively made a free .edu email account and after that you have any inquiries/question, don’t hesitate to contact us by a comment on the article and in the event that you like, this article doesn’t neglect to share with your family/friends or companions.