Since the App Store was born in 2008, countless phone applications for practically anything you can imagine have surfaced. From games to lifestyle apps that make your day just a little bit easier, apps are embedded into our lives more and more every day. Whether you’re thinking of ordering a bite to eat, keen on keeping your personal files secure, checking in on bank accounts or just bored around the house, there is an app out there for every need. Easily downloadable and personalized to your liking, the following apps have revolutionized the way people utilize services and entertainment solutions with the simple push of a button.

Make life easy with food delivered to your door

Nowadays, apps are connecting hungry customers with local takeaways, restaurants and even pop-ups. This is happening all over the world, from Australia, Singapore, and the UK – apps like the one for can cater to customers in a highly flexible way. There’s something on there for just about everyone and for all sorts of meals, including eggs benedict, indulgent desserts, and exotic dinners. Food delivery apps are among the most popular downloads for smartphone users, and with the flick of your wrist you can search through restaurants in your area and make a quick order without the hassle.

Since you’ll be looking for a place that delivers food, you can couple the Deliveroo app with another essential: Zagat. Foodies consider this app to be the know-all guide of the best restaurants around. You can read reviews, browse through menus, pick a spot you like and be on your way. Everything from fast food in Melbourne to the best breakfasts Gold Coast residents can’t stop raving about, it’s all available in the palm of your hands.

Keep your files safe and secure

Keep your files safe and secureIn this day and age, protecting our private information online is nothing short of vital. Our e-mail accounts, data, passwords, personal files and more can be easily accessed and misused if not protected. To ensure the utmost safety for users, legitimate applications and service providers have taken the extra step of adding in several stages of verification, identification and security to protect personal information. Services such as Google’s Gmail app, Facebook and others provide a “two-step verification” method that provides an extra layer of security when signing into your accounts. Many applications, like Folder Lock, also offer the option to lock up your files, photos, wallets and much more. These can then be accessed only by the user through the use of passwords and other safety tools.

Home Sweet Home

When it comes to convenience at home, almost everything can be tapped into and personalised to your convenience, from coffee makers to televisions and even air conditioners. Many apps can turn our smartphones into other household items such as a remote control for devices like Apple TV or a PlayStation 4. One app in particular, SmartThings, allows all home appliances to be connected to your device as a single source, providing countless functions, settings and more to suit each and every unique home just the way you like it. Whether you plan to save time and get that coffee maker started before you jump out of bed, turn off the air conditioner in the next room or change the channel to catch your favourite program without getting off the couch, all of this and more is now accessible from your very own phone.

Don’t waste any more time! Head over to your local App Store and simplify your life with some of these gems.

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