The Egg NS Emulator is a popular Android app that allows you to play Nintendo Switch games on your phone. It emulates the Switch console hardware and operating system, providing a similar gaming experience as the actual console.

The emulator is developed by NXTeam and is compatible with hundreds of Switch games. It can run graphics-intensive 3D games smoothly on high-end Android devices. The app has a nice interface and some useful features like customizable controls.


Step-by-Step Guide to Download Egg NS Emulator on Android

Follow these simple steps to get the Egg NS Emulator on your Android device:

1. Download the Egg NS Emulator APK

Go to the official website and download the latest version of the Egg NS Emulator APK. Alternatively, you can get it from the Google Play Store.

2. Install the APK on your Android device

Once downloaded, install the APK file on your phone. You may need to enable ‚ÄúInstall from unknown sources‚ÄĚ in your device settings first.

3. Download the SwitchDroid folder

The SwitchDroid folder contains the necessary files for games to run on the emulator. Download it from here and extract it.

4. Transfer the SwitchDroid folder to your device

Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB. Transfer the extracted SwitchDroid folder to the root folder on your device storage.

5. Get your Switch game files (ROMs)

You’ll need the Switch game ROM files (XCI or NSP format) to play games on the emulator. Get them from legal sources online.

6. Create a Games folder on your device

In your phone‚Äôs internal storage, create a new folder named ‚ÄúGames‚ÄĚ and copy your downloaded game ROMs into it.

How to Set Up and Configure Egg NS Emulator

Once installed, follow these steps to set up the emulator:

  1. Launch the Egg NS Emulator app on your device. Accept the permissions it asks for.
  2. It will prompt you to register or login. Create a free account to continue.
  3. Go to Settings => Data Directory and set it to the SwitchDroid folder location.
  4. In Settings => Game Directory, set the path to your Games folder containing ROMs.
  5. Restart the app. Your installed games will now show up on the home screen.
  6. Tap on a game, choose your control mode and start playing.

Comparison of Egg NS Emulator with other Android emulators

When compared to other Android emulators like Skyline and Yuzu, Egg NS Emulator stands out for its compatibility and performance. According to a discussion on Reddit, Egg NS Emulator is considered the best on Android, with games like Odyssey being unplayable on Yuzu and Skyline on certain devices.

However, it’s worth noting that Egg NS Emulator has been criticized for its business practices, including allegations of code theft from Yuzu and the requirement of a subscription and a gamepad. Despite these criticisms, many users still find Egg NS Emulator to be the most efficient and compatible option for playing Nintendo Switch games on Android devices.


The Egg NS Emulator provides an excellent way to enjoy Nintendo Switch games on your Android device. With a powerful phone, you can experience great performance in many titles. This is how you can set up quickly and start reliving your favorite Nintendo games on mobile. Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for using this emulator.

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