While using Windows PC, sometimes you may get COM Surrogate problem which makes the device run slow. If you are using windows Laptop/PC, you might be familiar with dllhost.exe another name of the sacrificial process. This COM object is seen on the Windows 10 where it runs outside the process. If we recall the history of windows, this Component Object Model (COM) was introduced by Microsoft in 1993. This COM object was allowing the developers to create such as application plug and extend through programming languages. But, what’s COM Surrogate and how it makes the PC running slow?

COM Surrogate is not the malware but due to websites contain malicious or legitimate infect your Laptop/PC with the help of security weakness exploit kits (vulnerabilities). Sometimes you get this virus through Spam email (link or attachments). These type of infection install Trojan into your Laptop/PC in front of you but hidden.

Com Surrogate

How COM Surrogate Work To Get Infect Window 10 Laptop/PC?

If you still didn’t get the idea of COM Surrogate, then we will explain to you. On the off chance if the thumbnail is enabled in any folder that you entered. The Explorer will shoot a COM Surrogate and use it to figure the thumbnails for the records into that folder. Due to the confided in thumbnail extractors since Explorer has learned. They have a poor reputation for solidness. Pilgrim has chosen to ingest the presentation punishment in return for the improved unwavering quality bringing about moving these dodgy bits of code out of the principle Explorer process. At the point, the accident pulverizes the COM Surrogate procedure rather than Explorer only when thumbnail extractor is crashed.

You will see COM Surrogate processes in Task Manager which runs under the name .exe. Some time malware program gets intact with these running dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate. In this way, most of the Anti-virus is enable to deduct this Malware, and during everything your computer still gets slow. So according to some Windows users, COM Surrogate is a Malware virus and need to be removed. Do not believe in any data and check by yourself, by following the simple trick to identify that this dllhost.exe is a virus or not.

How To Identify COM Surrogate is Malware or Not?

In this method, you will identify Com Surrogate got a virus or not, follow the steps.

Step #1. While your Windows PC is turned on, using keyboard press ALT + CTRL + DEL button same time.

Step #2. You will see windows option appears on screen select “Task Manager.”

Step #3. Search for suspected COM Surrogate which is infected with Malware

Step #4. Use mouse point arrow and right-click on suspected and from the option select “Open File Location.”

Step #5. You will directly go to the Windows “C:\Windows\System32”. It means that COM Surrogate is not infected because it opens the correct location.

NOTE: During this step #5 if dllhost.exe COM Surrogate opens another folder then it will confirm that your COM Surrogate is infected with Malware.

In this way, you can make the identification of COM Surrogate is infected with Malware or not by yourself. And if you follow the below method, then you can remove this dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate Malware for your Windows.

How To Remove COM Surrogate Malware From Windows 10 PC

The method to removed COM Surrogate malware from your Windows Laptop/PC has more steps because we have to provide every detail to give you the crystal clear. Besides we also provide the screenshot which will help you with those steps that are not understood.

Step #1. First of all, you need to remove dllhost.exe COM Surrogate Malware by running system scan with ESET Powelikes Cleaner. And it will change the setting of Internet Explorer security.

Note: In every Windows registry Trojan. Poweliks is installed, so don’t go with any installation process.

Step #2. Using keyboard press and hold “Windows Key,” in same time press “R Key” from the same keyboard. It will open “RUN” where you type “intelcpl.cpl” and press “OK” button.

Com Surrogate

Step #3. Once step #2, applied you will pop up into internet options, where tab to “Security” and click “Reset all zones to default level” Again click apply button and then an OK button.

Com Surrogate

Step #4. Once your internet security is secure, now install ESET Poweliks Cleaner by click on a link.

Com Surrogate

Step #5. When this tool is successfully downloaded, go to the “downloads folder” and double click on it. Filename: ESETPoweliksCleaner.exe

Com Surrogate

Step #6. ESET Poweliks Cleaner system will appear on your window system screen, and it automatically searches for infection from your Windows PC. Once the tool detects a virus, it will be asked to remove it or not. To remove the press “Y key” from your keyboard and ESET Poweliks tool will clean the Trojan/Malware from your Laptop/PC.

Com Surrogate

Now You Window PC is free from COM Surrogate Malware; you can use your window system with no threats.

Final Words:

COM Surrogate uses not more than 2% CPU processes which are not a big deal for windows system. But when it infected with Malware, then you need to take serious steps as we mention in this article. Hopefully, this information provided will help you to remove dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate malware/Virus which runs in the background on your Windows system. You can share this information with your family and friend, so they also learn about COM Surrogate. Don’t forget to leave comment box if you are expecting more useful information.

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