In recent times, the development in the writing software companies has introduced a broad range of new tools and features to aid the writing process. If you are looking for the best writing apps, you will be pleased to see the variety that you can choose from. The list below highlights seven of them.


Drafts 4

Drafts, an exclusive iOS app is amazing in terms of its utility. The major features include document pickers, URL scheme-based utilities and inter-app communication extensions. Drafts 4, however, has evolved further, bringing radical improvements in the features and technology. For starters, the interface has become smarter and more accessible. Share extension has now become fantastic; the keyboard has become customizable with intriguing development of JavaScript Scripts used for text manipulations. If you want to learn more about these features, consider using paper writing service.


It is a powerful and strong word processor that allows its users to create excellent documents and comes built-in with almost all of the Apple devices.  The real-time collaboration now lets everybody in your team work together, no matter where they are physically present. It makes the process smoother and time-efficient. It is also compatible with Mac, iPhone, PC and iPad.

Microsoft Word

If you have not heard about Microsoft Word (which I do not think can be possible), you must be living under a rock. At its core, Microsoft Word is considered as a formatting and editing tool. It is one of the most popular and best apps for writers. Words a pioneer in the writing field and has set the basic features a writing software needs to have. This program has kept on evolving throughout the years where the rest of writing software are following suit. Hence, it is safe to say that if you master your skills at Word, adapting to other programs would become easier. It will allow you to graduate to something complex in the future. Secondly, it is hands down one of the most compatible programs out there. You will find it in universities, offices and businesses of all kinds, and even individuals either be it for writers or non-writers. Sending these files through email is also a hassle-free job. Microsoft Word has to be one of the classic book writing apps on the play store.


Between the hassle of juggling meetings and calls, you often try keeping up with important details. Keeping track of this nitty-gritty is not practical if you have to jot down everything on a piece of paper every time.  Firstly, you might not always have paper lying around all the time. Also, the likelihood of losing a slip of paper is very high. When talking about the best apps for writings, the Notes application in your phones cannot be dismissed. With these, you can write down things right away. For Android phones, there is no need to unlock your phone to make this process even more convenient.  With phones like Galaxy Note20, you even get a stylus to work with, which makes writing easier as it gives you more control while writing. You have similar features on your iPhones as well. You get the option to pin the most urgent notes on top. You can even set a reminder on them when needed.


Write provides its users with unique tools that help them edit and navigate handwritten texts. It has all the usual features of any vector drawing software. It is ideal for note-taking, sketching and brainstorming. The features include tools like drawing, erasing, selecting and bookmarking. Also, you can create handwritten links into websites and bookmarks. There is unlimited jog dial for undo/redo.

Along with pressure-sensitive drawing using a stylus, you can insert pictures. You can also save customized pens. The page size, ruling and colour can be changed according to your liking. There is also an option for split-screen to make taking notes easier. Write is available for Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. You can hire writers to help you out in understanding the uses of these features.


If you are a writer, you would have experienced dry spells, where you fail to produce fresh ideas and even if you do, organizing them gets out of hand. Ulysses is a platform that can be seen as the central spot for storing ideas, inspirations, quotes and research notes. It makes organizing as well as finding stuff easier. Productivity levels are observed to increase by the users of this application software. Also, it helps in transforming your texts into PDFs, eBooks and Word documents- that too, properly styled and formatted. You also get the option to export to HTML so that it is ready to be used on the web. Some other benefits include being an aesthetically pleasant platform with a tidy interface, which makes it appealing for the writers. Other than this, it has great features, but it should not be forgotten that it is not one of those mobile writing apps that are compatible with every device, this caters only to Apple users. However, it offers its user great features to make the writing process simple. Moreover, you can directly publish to WordPress, medium, and it has an ideal selection of distraction-free models. The goal tracking is another attractive and productive feature.

iA Writer

This writing software promises to deliver essential writing experience. It is known for its conveniently simple yet award-winning design. It has more than half a million users globally. The interface has been made minimal to make more user-friendly. There is no need for formatting bars and rulers. iA Writer provides its users with a crisp, and uncluttered space to work freely on without any hindrances.  It is supported by powerful and discrete features like Syntax highlighting and Content Blocks. Besides, it helps you focus, which is key to effective writing. You can find shortcuts and the settings are all simplified so that there is no need to multi-task while converting your thoughts to text on the writing software. Here, you also get the complete ownership and control of your craft. Any forced subscriptions, compatibility concerns and microtransactions are absent. iA Writer is compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows and Andr. It can be considered as one of the creative writing apps.

Now that you have gone through this list, you might have gotten a fair idea of a few good options that you can explore. However, I will recommend you conduct a little research of your own before settling on an application. Choose the app which best fits your needs and requirements.

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