Google Play has over one million Android applications, but some of the especially excellent applications are missing because some of the terms of Google are being violated. You can always pick up your apk from other sources and install it, if you like.

The best applications not available in the play store will be listed in this article. Before trying to install any of the listed applications, make sure you can install the apps from unknown sources through the security settings of your device.


1#. Fortnite

After Epic became one of the largest powerhouses in this sector by a stalwart publisher, the firm is maintaining its most precious assets in close proximity to its core.

So Epic decided to use a QR code to download the app, only via its official Epic website on Android, to make Fortnite accessible. But yes, it’s the most famous and free video game in the world.

2#. Viper4Android (Root-only)

Google Play Store considered that Viper4Android would not suit their work arena. This XDA Labs app allows you to digest and refine your phone’s audio capacities, so that you can play with every equalizer, every effect, and every customized driver that you can download.

This is certainly for the audio lovers, and not for those who want to boost audio quickly and easily for their mobile. The features here are from Gain Control to V4A, for people who understand what they do.

3#. GBWhatsapp

This app is a great alternative to Whatsapp. There are many additional features imparted in this app, which are not available in regular Wahstapp. These features are basically for the business purpose.

Here, it should be noted that the GBWhatsapp apk is not available on the Play store. You have to download and install this app by visiting the official website of GBWhatsapp.

4#. Amazon Appstore

Amazon has never really accomplished what it was intended to do, but it’s still backed by Amazon and still includes many excellent applications (often free), for which you would have to pay more at the Google Play Store.

You can also make purchases by wiping your hand as your Amazon Shopping App.

5#. Fire Tube

For years now, one of the YouTube bugs has been unable to listen or saving music or videos with the display turned off. FireTube, an app Google probably wouldn’t have much preferred. FireTube is fundamentally a YouTube interface, allowing you to listen without the real video, turn off your screen and listen continuously to your favorite video. For more information, please read complete FireTube Installation and Use Guide.

Thus, we have seen some of the important apps, which are not available on the Playstore. Apart from the apps mentioned above, there are many other apps, which are very useful but are not available of Playstore. In order to download these apps, you have to go to the official website of these apps, where you can download them for free or by paying small fees.

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