For its outstanding level of innovation in the war against cybercrime, Mantix4 has bagged the 2018 InfoSec Award. The initiatives undertaken by Mantix4 in the field of cyber security have been a flagship in adding new dimensions to cybercrime detection.

Through the platform, the users can anticipate and even intercept cybercrime rolling their way, instead of waiting for alerts and notifications once the system is hacked.

Firms need not be reactive anymore. This enables them to mellow down any advances made in their cyberspace.

Mantix4’s proactive modules make the company feel a lot safer online.

The InfoSec Awards are given to firms who bring the best and the most innovative countermeasures against cybercrime and online insecurity. This year’s award was the courtesy of Cyber Defense Magazine which featured many young, budding and established firms in the field of cyber security and information security. In essence, all these companies aim to provide a safe and secure online platform by using advanced computing innovations to reach out new heights of cyber security.

Increase in the rate of online threats

Gary Miliefsky, publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine acknowledged the rise in threats posed by online attacks. He also cited the rising population of cybercriminals, hackers as well as harmful software content over the internet.

Choosing a winner is not easy. The magazine had to judge and assess the work input potential of over 3,000 firms before deciding on Mantix4 as the winner for its respective award.

One of the major problems which hinder the efforts of eliminating cybercrime is the lack of proper manpower that cover necessary physical equipment and intellectual power, along with necessary training and advanced countermeasure efforts.

M4 brings about a new way to tackle this dilemma. The platform makes the detection and disruption of threats easy enough for a rookie to find a way through. Suspicious activities are highlighted by keeping checks on trends in a network.

Therefore, this provides a better solution through preventive measures than curative measures.

As per the 2016 Internet Crime report, the losses incurred due to cybercrime had soared to $4.63B in a span of four years. The projections show that these losses will continue to rise, according to Stubbs. The CEO of Mantix predicts this number to rise to about $6T by the year 2021. Although this projection portrays a bleak future, companies like Mantix4 are taking up the fight in a bid to win the war against online threats and insecurity.

John Stubbs, CEO and co-founder of Mantix4 states that being reactive will not yield many results, given the current trend in the deep web.He also urged and advocated for a reactive mechanism, saying that instead of waiting for a malware to attack a network, we must dig deep and weed out these threats before they show their true colors.

Who is Mantix4?

Mantix4 or M4 is a cyber-security provider who prides on providing unique solutions from the rest of the population. This firm runs a solid four chain protocol, and is effective in analyzing, hunting, disrupting and neutralizing online threats.

Their model leverages resources in a more prevention oriented mechanism rather than curative mechanism. The development of M4 was rooted in the idea to allow information security personnel more capabilities to fight intrusions.

All of this is achieved through the real time relevant data available on trends in the network, combining together with Intel to check any suspicious activity. M4 is more about hunting and flushing out the threat from inside the network, whether or not the threat is active or dormant in nature present in the network. Nothing is left to chance, as stated in simpler terms by the company’s CEO John Stubbs.

About Cyber Defense Magazine

Cyber Defense Magazine hosts the InfoSec Awards to recognize and promote innovative efforts aimed towards eliminating cybercrime and online threats. Companies who are performing well in the sector are brought into the limelight through this endeavor.

The Cyber Defense Magazine also aims towards providing knowledge for the benefit of the internet customers and companies, in a bid to make them more aware towards the ongoing trends in cyber threats. They incorporate new and brilliant ideas and releases in the field of technology that have just surfaced on the market.

They also include feature tales from real life people discussing real life problems, which aims to provide a better perspective to readers towards the trend of cybercrime. For latest news and security tools visit here.

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