FetLife is the world’s largest social networking site for people interested in BDSM, fetishism, and kink. With over 8 million members, it provides a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, explore, and share their sexual interests.

Some key things to know about FetLife:

  • It functions similarly to Facebook but is focused exclusively on kink and fetish topics
  • Completely free to join and use (with some additional paid features)
  • Very active community with discussion groups, events, and more
  • Strong focus on privacy and consent


How FetLife Works

Create an Account

To join FetLife, you first create a free account by providing an email address, nickname, password, gender, and birthdate. No real names or locations are required.

You then personalize your profile by adding a description, profile picture, listing your sexual interests, fetishes, and role (e.g. dominant, submissive). You control exactly what information to share publicly or just with friends.

Key Features

Some of the main features of FetLife include:

  • News Feed: See recent activities from groups, members you follow or friends
  • Groups: Join group discussions centered around specific kinks/topics
  • Events: Browse upcoming kink events in your local area or worldwide
  • Writing: Share stories, experiences, fantasies, etc.
  • Photos/Videos: Upload or view member-submitted adult content
  • Messages: Communicate one-on-one or in groups with members

Additionally, members can choose to support FetLife, which unlocks extra features like viewing more profiles, advanced searches, and no ads.

How to Use FetLife

Here are some best practices for getting started and using FetLife effectively as a beginner:

Set Up Your Profile

Spend time personalizing your profile so others quickly understand your kinks and interests. This helps connect you with like-minded members.

Adjust Privacy Settings

Control exactly who sees what content. For example, you can share photos publicly or restrict them to friends only.

Join Groups

Join groups focused on your fetishes or interests. This lets you connect with others, ask questions, and learn.

Attend Events

Check out local munches, parties, workshops, and more. This lets you meet community members in real life.

Meet Friends

Chat with those who share your fetishes. Build friendships and expand your kink connections.

Give Back to the Community

Engage, share your perspective, and help educate others. This makes FetLife more vibrant for all.

FetLife Login and Account Process

To login to your FetLife account:

  1. Go to fetlife.com
  2. Enter your nickname and password
  3. Click the “Login” button

If you forgot your password, you can reset it via email using the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can quickly create one for free using the signup form on their homepage.

Is FetLife Safe to Use?

FetLife has extensive safeguards in place around content, privacy settings, reporting mechanisms, and enforcing community guidelines. This includes verifying profiles, allowing granular control over what information is shared publicly, and quickly removing nonconsensual content.

However, some users have expressed concerns around potential privacy risks if databases were to ever be hacked and leaked. FetLife cannot guarantee full privacy.

Many users create anonymous profiles not linked to real identities and say FetLife can be safe if precautions around sharing personal information are taken. Tips include using an alias, no face pictures, unique fetlife email address etc.

Experiences vary greatly. Some have found FetLife to be a supportive, educational community to safely explore sexuality. But some have also encountered fake profiles, rudeness, or privacy invasions.

As with any online platform, users must be cautious in how much personal information they share publicly or with new contacts. Vetting people first is recommended. But overall, FetLife makes an effort around privacy and consent.

Hence, FetLife offers robust privacy controls and content moderation but has some risks if personal information is shared carelessly. If precautions around anonymity are taken, many have found it to be a valuable community. Experiences can vary greatly depending on how it’s used.


FetLife provides a welcoming social platform for millions of kinksters worldwide to safely connect. It enables open self-expression and exploration of sexual interests with like-minded members.

The site puts privacy first, letting you control what information to share. It also focuses strongly on consent, safety, and respect throughout the community.

So, if you’re curious about BDSM, fetishes, or kink, joining FetLife can introduce you to a supportive, educational community to learn, grow, and have fun.

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