The fourth most popular social media platform, Instagram had more than 1.2 billion subscribers active in 2021, according to statistics. Members are continuously posting, liking, and sharing comments, photos, and videos. As an active member, it is possible to push your posts to “viral” status with the help of other members.


What Is Reposting On Instagram

It is easy to confuse sharing with reposting but the two are completely different. Sharing is exactly what its name entails. It is sharing other members’ posts with followers. Reposting, on the other hand, is limited to Instagram Story through the social media platform’s official app. In other words, members are not permitted to repost on their IG feed, only through stories. Reposting through IG stories has a deadline of 24 hours which is how long they last with one exception. To retain stories, members must fix them to their story highlights or utilize another form of reposting.

Members can repost on Instagram through their IG stories.


You may want to show the content through screenshots. Start by taking a screenshot of the post that you love. Then, you can begin creating a new post using the plus sign in the right-hand corner. Choose the screenshot and crop the image if necessary. Then, you can tap the blue arrow and begin tagging people. Tag the person who originally created the content.

Why Reposting Is Important

It is always wise to find out how to repost content since you’re going to stumble across content that you love. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to share it with others. Doing so can help boost the reach of your profile naturally. It is also a good way to find like-minded individuals. These people are going to like the same content that you do.

They’ll be more likely to follow you. Reposting content is an effective way to get attention as well. Take advantage of this feature to increase your followers and engagement.

What To Remember When Reposting Content

When someone decides to repost content on Instagram, they need to make sure that they’re doing so cautiously. Remember that someone else spent time and possibly even money creating the content in question. Therefore, it only makes sense to credit that individual. When you repost, always give credit to the original creator. It is also pertinent to make sure that the content is available to the public.

Finally, try to show how much you appreciate the creator. One of the best ways to do that is by saying thanks in the captions. Using the repost feature successfully will make you a better Instagram user and help you avoid becoming a problem for everyone else.


Everyone who is going to use Instagram must find out how to repost content. More importantly, they need to find out how to do it correctly to avoid problems. Always tag the original creator and praise them so people know who created the content. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to use captions to credit the individual in question. Using the repost feature is fine as long as it is done correctly.

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