Lucktastic is one of the bigger rewards App that lets you exchange your time for money and other thing for watching advertisement after advertisement and you scratch off virtual tickets every day to try and get rewards that is best. Potential rewards vary from card to card but each card will either net you some real cash or some of the app virtual currency you can use to redeem gift cards when you have enough.

How to Use Lucktastic App

Lucktastic App quickest ways to turn me off of one of these apps and requirement heavy signup process with Lucktastic that isn’t the case and start see below.

Step 1: You need is your zip code.

Step 2: within the US that is best.

Step 3: After you can start playing right away to see if you like the app.

Step 4: Lucktastic app will save any coins and cash you have even if you are unregistered as long as you keep a hold of the app but you cannot redeem any rewards until you register.

Step 5: You can register.

Step 6: Don’t use the Facebook option.

Step 7: After you follow-up with the email you are sent.

Step 8: Lucktastic easy app to get into.

Step 9: Done.

Lucktastic App Design

Lucktastic looks better than the entire rest of the app and might sound a little harsh but the overall design is very basic for the enticing theme Lucktastic has going for it and Lucktastic app is all about but instead the interface looks low budget, aside from the dropdown menu on the left side that is best.

Lucktastic design aside, calling Lucktastic fat even though I think some of the buttons but I’m talking about how many resources it eats and my usage of the app is that it takes quite a long time to unlock my phone with the app open that is best and phone without a lot of RAM to spare decided to see how much space Lucktastic needed to operate.

Lucktastic has two different currencies: hard cash and tokens and instantly if you have a dollar or more through three different methods Tokens are used to enter sweepstakes and earn digital gift cards if you have a large amount of them that is best.

Using Lucktastic app to continued play is a bad thing will have to wait until a later section of the review and scratch off tickets do not cost anything to play, but some have extra requirements and there no guarantee you all win anything, so be careful with giving away too much of your personal information that is good.

Why is Lucktastic Addictive?

Lucktastic does differently than all those other survey type apps on the Play Store and Every day you are playing different but essentially the same, games of chance with small but variable payoffs any time you can learn for this. Enough motivation to keep playing until you finally give up and move on to something else or manage to hit a big payoff. Lucktastic sends you about four push notifications a day if you still have them turned on this thing considered for you.

Now spending some time with Lucktastic and other apps Lucktastic is not bad one to add to the cycle after constantly use the app throughout a month or two, you all eventually end up with enough money and Lucktastic is best used alongside other similar apps, like survey apps or even other kinds of apps to help you and your Android pick up some extra cash.

Here, completed guide for this Lucktastic App Review and you read this guide very helpful for you.