The question always remained that how to activated and use an iPhone without a SIM, so I study and brought this unique and simple method which can help you to activate your iPhone without SIM. It does not matter that which operation software are you using or which model of iPhone you have right now, we have tested with the iOS 9_10_11 with the models iPhone 6s, 6s+ 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s.

Today in this article I use a device having iOS 9.0.2 even you have a new version or older version will work to bypasses iCloud with the previous one owner, a method which i am discussing in this article will work on all the model mentioned in this article with the same way I will be described. This method is so cool that you can contact your owner on iCloud if it’s locked so you can get unlock which is so awesome it works.

To get your iPhone unlock all you have to do is to follow me what I am doing.


“Part1: Activating iPhone to be used as Wi-Fi device”

Activate iPhone Step-1:

First of all select your country or region as i had selected the United States.

Activating iPhone to be used as Wi-Fi device

Activate iPhone Step-2:

Activating iPhone to be used as Wi-Fi device

Now you came to the next chamber of your iPhone where you have to choose Wi-Fi Network, here if you click to the next button it will not activated the error will occur that please insert a SIM Card and try again so in the choose a Wi-Fi Network room where it will show the available Wi-Fi network including the network you want to connect to, So go to that network as I will be connecting Home Wi-Fi network, click on it and click on forget this Network.

Activate iPhone Step-3:

Activating iPhone to be used as Wi-Fi device

Now your Wi-Fi network is gone, don’t do anything just go to back all to the beginning where you can select language as I click on English, then select your country or region as I selected the United States and then again I come to the Wi-Fi network room, Here you click on your Wi-Fi network but don’t connect to it just go to DNS and type

This is the important part of this article so don’t do anything after typing on DNS option just goes to the back.

“Part 2: Activate iCloud activation lock with Official iPhone Unlock”

Activate iPhone Step-4:

How to activate and use an iPhone without a SIM

Now joint that network in which DNS you type the number as mentioned in the third step. Now it will come up with the, as you can see in the screenshot.

Activate iPhone Step-5:

How to activate and use an iPhone without a SIM

Now in the fifth step you scroll down to the menu and click it, now after entered the menu button the fun starts, as you can see that you can chat with the iCloud locked user’s click it and select English and that go back.

Here you can chat with the iCloud locked owner of the iCloud, you can now use your flashlight, clock, contacts, maps, mail, social network, SMS and everything you what to do on this phone now without SIM card. So here you learn now that how to bypass the most of the part in your iPhone and enjoy with your iPhone and you can do a lot with this activation.


Question: Can I activate my old iPhone like 3GS?

The strategy will initiate more seasoned iPhone will be very nearly comparative. The majority recommended technique will be on associate those gadgets to pc that need ITunes introduced on it.  In embed spotless not activated SIM card in the SIM slot, interface that gadget with iTunes, also inside few seconds, your telephone will be opened starting with actuation screen. Remember, the fruit will be greatly propelled when it goes with identifying lost or stolen iPhone. So, in you find iPhone, or iPod contact somewhere, never ponder utilizing them. You might get got in the act.

Question: Can I Jailbreak My iPhone?

Assuming that know else fizzles you could continuously endeavor with escape your iPhone. This can void your warranty, as though you’ve got an old iPhone that’s carrier-locked, it could make the most ideal approach should get it working once more.

Question: How can I activate my iPhone using the emergency call feature?

You might bring seen reports suggesting that you camwood initiate an iPhone without a SIM card by calling those crisis benefits. We need to discourage you starting with calling those crisis benefits unnecessarily, we additionally caution you that you attempted this technique out it didn’t fill in whatsoever. We have confidence that it needs being patch cord.

We hope you like this article and it helps you out with your iPhone model which is mentioned in this article and also the iOS platform which you’re working for, we bring all the research which makes your life easier and comfortable.

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