The world most popular ever Smartphone game is called Pokémon go. Unfortunately, there are some issues like the rapid battery drain, random crashing, server error that have disappointed users. In this Pokémon fans have reporting “Pokémon Go GPS Signal Not Found”. The game is requires a strong internet connection and GPS for fully enjoyments, but in this article we will show you how to fix GPS Signal Not Found Pokémon Go in iPhone.

Here, Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error In Pokémon GO. There are two main components of Pokemon GO for WiFi connection and location services on your device. When there’s no GPS signal, the game will instantly popup a GPS Signal Not Found the error, and there are many possible ways to fix this error. Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found issue while playing the game has worked in troubleshooting this problem.


Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found: How to Fix

GPS Signal Not Found

The error message says GPS indication Not Found on your Android, iOS device and the whole games are depending on. Also thanks because it is a prevalent difficulty, there are lots of alternatives that have worked for folks. Here are eight alternatives you can see, each of which stands on its own like a probable fix. Simply move on to another area, if one doesn’t do the work.

  • Perhaps you’re having this problem, while find out the outside, but in the situation, you’re setting it up in inside, try available in position for 30-60 seconds and walking outside. Some customers record that the phone is allowed by achieving this.
  • Make sure the GPS is switched on. About the iPhone, visit configurations, region providers, privacy, and make certain this environment is on. On Android, visit isolation configurations and security, area, and make certain place is switched on.
  • Then press “locating system” and make sure that “GPS, Wifi. Rearrange community configurations. That one is especially for iPhone’s, but visit settings, common, reset, after which select community settings that are reset.
  • Get rid of places that are fake. Only, go then and to “about phone” touch in your build #7 times. Designer choices will be enabled by this. From there, visit locations and remove places that are fake.
  • Dump Google Maps on within the history. That one seems weird and wonderful. However, many iPhone customers have stated then preceding back to the Pokémon-Go application fixes this problem and that starting Google Maps.
  • Change downward your telephone on/off. When everything else not succeeds, switching on/off your system again is definitely worth an attempt, plus some have stated that this is all it required for them. You may also try uninstalling the application itself.

Pokémon Go has been using the power recent days, perhaps climbing to be more popular than fully developed. But how about those left struggles to play as a result of sport crippling bugs or errors?

The Pokémon go game requires an WiFi (internet) connection and undoubtedly a GPS signal. That is the only technique to use the road in Pokémon Go also to find out new Pokémon and Poke Stops. Pokémon Go is this addictive game that even little hiccups seem annoying like hell. It feels worse if the spine of the game – the GPS location data – doesn’t function efficiently for whatever reason. The greater than before reality game takes a solid web connection as well as GPS location in order, but sometimes people encounters difficulties with the GPS location.

How to Fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found on iPhone/iPad

Trouble-free Tricks:

  • You need to step outside for some time if you are indoors just to make sure GPS satellite can locate your device.
  • In case you are outdoors, you need to turn on/off Wi-Fi a few times even if there is no network. SettingsWi-FiToggle off/on.
  • Go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode. Then turn it off after a couple of minutes.
  • Turn off/on Cellular/Mobile Data a couple of times. Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data.

Now follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on Privacy > Click on Location Services.
  3. Turn off the switch. Turn it back on.
  4. Press the Home button to leave the game.
  5. Open any app and use it for a few minutes > Open Pokémon Go again.
  6. Force Quit the App and Re-launch

How to Fix “GPS Signal Not Found Error” in Pokémon on Android

Quick Tricks:

  • Step outside for some time if you are indoors. It will help GPS satellite to locate your phone.
  • If you are outdoors, turn off Wi-Fi. Then turn it back on even if there is no network.
  • Reboot your device. Simply press the on/off switch. You will get the option to Restart. Tap on it.
  • Turn on/off Airplane Mode. Just press the on/off switch. Tap on the Airplane Mode icon. After a few minutes, turn it off. (You can also get it done by simply pulling down the screen and then turn on/off Airplane Mode.)

Now check out the GPS Signal on your Android Smartphone, follow the below simple steps.

  1. Open the Setting app on your android smartphone
  2. Scroll Down and tap to Location.
  3. And Turn On Location toggle.
  4. Also to you can see the Location Mode; then Tap on it.
  5. Finally, you will need to tap on GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks. (Also be called High accuracy)

If GPS is already on, you need to turn it off. Leave it disabled for some time, and then turn it back on.

That’s all! We hope these tricky actions have worked in fixing the issue. Do let us know which of these tips has clicked for you.