With the rampant rise in cybercrime and hacking on the internet, especially through smartphones, it isn’t surprising that users are now on the hunt for the best way to keep their devices secure. Android antivirus software is ideal to detect any potent malware and then get rid of the same proactively.

Threats of cybercrime often stem from unprotected Wi-Fi networks, spam messages, etc. So, if you want to keep your Android smartphone secure from all of these complications, we have a list of the best free antivirus for Android that is worth looking into.


18 Best Free Antivirus for Android 2023

Let us walk you through some of the absolute best options available online.

Total AV

When listing the best free android antivirus software, we knew we had to include the TotalAV antivirus at the top of the list. The software works proactively in detecting present or incoming malware that could impose a potential threat to your smartphone. The virus detection rate of this software is prompt with an immediate blocking function in case something is off about any application. It blocks the suspicious websites when you are browsing, protecting your smartphone against ransomware attacks.


Avast is an OG software when discussing antivirus. However, their free version for Android smartphones is quite effective and allows you to get rid of all the unwarranted viruses and vulnerabilities that could attack your system. It can detect any malware in a new application that you are in the process of downloading. Also, if you are connecting to an unknown wifi network, the system scans the same for any risk factors as well.


Like Avast, even Bitdefender doesn’t require any introductions. It is a base antivirus for most Android smartphones that scans the device daily for any threat and malware and keeps the user’s online privacy in check. The antivirus is also amazing in detecting any unwanted logins and alerts you to take immediate steps to protect the same. Also, the software is backed with 24×7 security updates, which is quite promising as well.

McAfee Mobile Security

Next up on the list of the best free Android antivirus worth looking into is McAfee Mobile Security. Not just your smartphones, the software works equally well for your tablets and prevents risks of malicious programs. It helps secure the firewall and block out any hackers and malware that could compromise the security of the device. Also, the sensitive files in the Android system are protected under 256-bit encryption, which is great.

Dr. Web Security Space

Although quite an underrated software, this one prevents onlookers from stealing information without any hassle. Also, it can detect incoming spam mails and vulnerable network traffic that could compromise the overall security of the smartphone. Also, you can proactively block mobile numbers and incoming messages if they seem sketchy.

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos is another popular antivirus software that can safeguard your Android smartphone by reducing the risks of virus and malware attacks. The software can easily scan the pre-existing applications on your system and alert you about any potential threats that you need to get rid of immediately. Also, it readily points out the potentially unwanted apps in the smartphone so you can uninstall them immediately.

ESET Mobile Security

If you use antivirus for your desktop or laptop, chances are that you know about ESET. This is quite a popular software and offers round-the-clock mobile security that is fast and prompt with real-time scanning. Besides your Android device, the software runs seamlessly on a tablet too and provides activity logs and security reports on the go.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Given how hard it is to find good yet free antivirus for Android smartphones, we knew we had to include all the options available. Kaspersky deserves an honorary mention on the list for multiple reasons. It allows the users to scan the phone manually for any kinds of malware and apps that could be a threat to your smartphone. Also, the application proactively blocks out any kinds of apps or websites that are suspicious.


If the name of the software wasn’t a giveaway, this free antivirus for Android gets rid of ransomware, malware, and different kinds of cyber threats. With its amazing programming, the tool can actively block out over 8 million threats every day, depending on the frequency of your browsing and usage. The safe browsing feature of this software is what takes the cake because it runs privacy audits on every app that’s installed on your smartphone.

Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus

Despite its larger name, the tool works seamlessly and safeguards your Android smartphone from online cyber crimes like fake banking scams, shopping scams, and other risks associated with the financial apps that are available online. There are anti-theft features integrated into the app that secures your smartphone and prevents its usage with malicious intent if it’s stolen.


AVG was once a very popular antivirus software for desktops but its popularity has now shifted to smartphones, thanks to its amazing audit and self-scanning feature. With the automatic scan, you are continually assured of any potential threat on your smartphone. The software also pre-checks any application before you are set to download it to your smartphone. Also, you get protection against SMS spammers.

Norton Mobile Security

Before you wonder why we have put Norton so low down in the list is because the other ones are outperforming it. However, when it comes to your antivirus security against malware online, Norton Mobile Security is still a very potent option that scans and removes any harmful component from your mobile device. It also restores any lost information, including calls and personal data.

BullGuard Antivirus

True to its name, BullGuard Antivirus is everything that you need to prevent downloading applications that contain malware in them. Also, the antivirus program proactively gets rid of all the unnecessary vulnerabilities and digital threats that could steal your personal information from your Android smartphone. The tool also reduces system resource usage and boosts the overall performance of the smartphone.

Quick Heal

Again, Quick Heal is potent antivirus software that was popular for the desktops but their interests are now shifting to mobile applications and Android smartphones too. The primary objective of this software is to detect and immediately block any kinds of incoming or existing malware in the system. Besides the internal storage, the antivirus also scans any integrated memory card in the system to offer all-around protection against unwanted malware and threats. But the software is only free for the trial period and post that you will have to buy it.

APUS Security

APUS security is another one of your free Android antivirus software that is worth taking notes of. It is an all-in-one application, which acts as an antivirus, junk cleaner, app lock, and even battery saver. So, if you want to maximize the functions of your Android device, this is what you need to get behind. This is no doubt one of the absolute best tools that keeps the risks of Trojans, malware, and spyware out of your system for good.

CM Security

CM Security is a free and versatile Android security application that scans the device for viruses, malware, and other threats and gets rid of each one of them for good. The good thing about this software is its real-time protection against digital threats and cybercrime, keeping your personal information safe and secure throughout the usage of your Android smartphone. Besides personal information, the app also supports secure online browsing.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Although a fairly new application for Android smartphones, Lookout security deserves a mention in the list. Not only does it protect your identity, but it also runs root detection to keep a check on the security features of the operating system. The best use of this software is in preventing Wi-Fi-bound online attacks that can tap into personal information and other sensitive data.

360 Total Security

Besides offering optimal security, the 360 Total Security also offers a complete scan of the device to get rid of viruses, Trojans, malware, ransomware, etc., and get rid of them in real-time. You can also enjoy the maximum benefits of this software during your online shopping spree since it protects your privacy in real-time. There are options for you to schedule a daily scan to ensure that your device is secure at all times. In case there are any threats in the Android smartphone, the app will notify you to get it fixed immediately. If you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi, the tool will also check the security of the same.


Free Android antivirus software is available in abundance on the internet. However, we’d recommend installing applications that are reliable and developed by known developers. We have shared our top 18 picks in this article with the hopes that it enables you to surf the internet safely and without falling prey to the hands of online scams and other cyberattacks that can threaten your personal information.

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