Top 7 Must-Have Apps for College Students

It can now be said with confidence that mobile apps are taking over the globe. Apps play a significant role in the profound changes in how we study and consume information which has become the norm in the smartphone era.

The days of using pen and paper to get things done instead of simply reassigning your homework to professional essay writers from online paper writing services for students have long passed. In fact, the digitization and technology powering these handheld gadgets are ushering in new trends causing substantial shifts in higher education.

Apps that can help kids in meaningful ways are generally a blessing to society. Below are some of the most useful apps for students looking to simplify their hectic college lives.

1.   Google Docs

Let’s start with Google Documents. If you’re already comfortable with Microsoft Word’s design and functions, you’ll feel right at home with this tool. However, it does have one unique weapon in its arsenal.

And this weapon represents the instantaneous updating of the text you enter into the interface. This is because the database is cloud-based and updates your information as you use it. You can access your files from any mobile device in the world, thanks to the accessibility provided by cloud storage.

It’s also worth noting that this program strips away all the fluff from Microsoft Word’s user interface in favor of the one thing its users really care about—writing.

2.   Grammarly

Grammarly’s real-time writing criticism will help you fix your tone, typos, and grammar, whether you’re writing a quick email, a lengthy report, or coursework on your phone. You can use it whenever you type on your phone, saving you the trouble of pasting text into a separate service to check for spelling, grammar, and tone errors.

You can also use Grammarly to double-check an essay you got from the online writing service EssayHub or a similar one and make sure their writing is flawless.

Need some help finding the right word? It’s as simple as clicking the word to bring up a list of synonyms above the keyboard. Grammarly is so awesome it’s ridiculous.

Additionally, you have access to a cloud-based document management system from which you can retrieve any file with a login and password. You’ll become an expert minutes after installing it and giving it access to your keyboard.

3.   Chegg Study

Although most teachers are available when students need help with homework, they are usually too busy to sit down with students and explain how to complete the assignments. In this case, using Chegg Study could be beneficial. The app is available around the clock, and it can aid with homework by providing answers to questions from a variety of textbooks as well as video tutorials to help with certain concepts.

If a Chegg tutor still doesn’t know the answer to your question, you can send them a screenshot of the problem.

You can download Chegg Study on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device for free.

4.   Office Lens

Using Office Lens, you can easily record lectures and take notes before passing your essay instructions to any of the writers from the best assignment services.

If you need access to a scanner at home and want to avoid paying to use one at the library, Office Lens is an excellent tool for you. The fact that it doesn’t cost anything to use, is easy to use, and has few adverts is a huge plus.

Office Lens uses the phone’s camera to create PDF or JPG versions of paper documents, ID cards, PowerPoint presentations, and electronic signatures. After scanning, the copy can be sent to anyone in seconds. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of pages you can scan.

Office Lens is compatible with iOS, Android, and iPad devices.

5.   Quizlet

The Quizlet flashcard application is a convenient and speedy way to study for upcoming exams, tests, and presentations on the go.

Flashcards are excellent for learning and remembering information, regardless of the subject matter. Quizlet allows you to make unique flashcards, which you can then use to recall the material you need to succeed in your courses.

This student organizer app offers a flashcard collection with millions of free, pre-made flashcards, so you can study even when time is short.

Quizlet is compatible with Apple and Google mobile platforms.

6.   Splitwise

Inevitably, as a student, you will have to share expenses. Things can get confusing when you’re figuring out how much your pals owe you for cocktails from the other night or how to divide the rent among you and your roommates without an app to track your costs.

The social embarrassment associated with paying back peers for shared costs is eliminated with Splitwise, making it a top app for students. Record all of your outlays in the app, and when it comes time to pay up, you’ll have a clear picture of who owes what. This program is also great for group vacations because it facilitates cost distribution among roommates, friends, and family members.

Splitwise is accessible on the web, Android, and iOS devices. It also supports many languages, and over a hundred currencies can be used on this app.

7.   Unidays

Through Unidays, you may make the most of the discounts available exclusively to students with a valid college email address. Sign up with address to access student discounts on all your favorite products and services.

The app organizes the deals by category, such as “technology,” “clothing,” and “tourism,” so you can quickly find what you’re searching for.


If you’re a first-year in college hoping to avoid a “sophomore slide,” make the conscious decision to stay organized and strike a balance between your various commitments by downloading some of these student-friendly apps.

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