Google is getting serious about gaming. With the recent launch of Google Stadia, the search giant has shown the world that the gaming culture is here to stay.

These trends are a part of the larger scheme of things driven by the resurgence of a new breed of enthusiasts: YouTube Gamers. The YouTube gaming community is stronger than ever.

It wouldn’t be naïve to think that the scale that YouTube provides to its users is simply enormous, and the latest trend of YouTube gamers is absolute proof of that.

Platforms like YouTube provide a platform for players to make money online by broadcasting their gameplay. With the rise in global internet bandwidth, more and more players are entering the domain and fighting to achieve expertise, fame, and money.

But, in this growing crowd of YouTube gamers, how do you differentiate yourself? The gaming industry is expected to surpass 90 Billion dollars by 2020, and getting just a small percentage of this large pie can surely help you amass a small fortune.

In this post, we will be looking at the top 6 guidelines that can help you in becoming a top-notch YouTube gamer. Let’s begin!

6 Guidelines For YouTube Gaming Success

Here are the top 6 guidelines that can help you in achieving the pinnacle of success in the YouTube gaming domain.

1. Establish your niche and game choices

The first thing that you should decide is what type of gaming content you want to create? Would it be a gameplay video, tips & tricks, or walkthroughs?

The niche that you choose can prove to be the pivoting point in the success of your YouTube channel.

If you are good at a game, perhaps having a gameplay video of that game can help you in enhancing your follower base. Moreover, when you choose a game, the other players might also subscribe to you for a sense of community.

Similarly, a walkthrough video might prove to be helpful for new gamers, and they are highly likely to subscribe to your channel for getting more useful tips & tricks.

You can also push out review videos of new games that help gamers in making informed choices and help you in becoming a vital source of information in the gaming community.

2. Get the right tools

Gaming video creation involves all the intricacies involved in high-quality video creation. You need to get a high-quality mic to record crystal clear voice and deploy apt lighting at the place of your video shoot.

When you are recording a gameplay video on your console or computer, it’s best to deploy a robust screen recording software that records stutter-free and smooth gaming videos that catch the eye precisely.

Since you need to make the video publish ready, it’s best to deploy a YouTube intro maker and create catchy intros and outros for your videos. It gives your creation an overall catchy look and helps immensely with your channel branding. Check this link right here now for more info.

3. Post your videos on the right channels

YouTube and Twitch are two of the largest gaming video sharing platforms available today. It’s best that you choose the right video sharing platform to post your videos as it is a crucial deciding factor of your video’s reach.

You must also keep in mind that your video is of high-quality and is at least 1280×720 or 1080×1920 resolution. Nobody likes to see choppy frames of blurred videos, and it may even lead to an increased bounce rate on your channel.

When choosing the title and description for your videos, you must conduct proper SEO research and include the right keywords. This can work wonders in enhancing the discoverability of your videos.

Finally, use an outro maker to create stunning endings of your gaming videos to create a lasting impression on the audience. Browse this site and learn more.

4. Promote your YouTube gaming channel

What good is a YouTube channel if no one sees it? Promoting a YouTube channel is as important as creating quality content. When you post your channel’s YouTube link on social channels, it leads to an organic traffic increase, which enhances your search engine rankings.

You can leverage social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get the word out and generate more organic traffic for your channel.

Assuming out of the 1000 people that see your link, 100 clicks on the link and 10 press the subscribe button, and you just gained 10 new subscribers with minimal efforts.

When your YouTube channel expands, it’s best to increase the engagement levels as well; make sure that you reply to user comments and keep the engagement levels as high as possible.

5. Identify resonating content

YouTube provides you with account analytics that can help you in identifying what type of content your audiences like better. This removes the guessing game, and you know beforehand what works best with your audience.

You can even view the geolocation of your viewers and identify the countries where most of your viewers reside.

You can leverage this geolocation data to stay updated to gaming events in those locations and push content that your audience might like.

Interacting with your subscribers is also a great idea! You can simply ask their opinions or conduct polls regarding the type of content your viewers would like to watch, and they would happily tell you!

6. Start making money from your channel

The YouTube Partner Program requires you to get 1,000 subscribers, and once you hit that, you can enroll in the YouTube Partner Program and start integrating ads in your videos.

Top YouTube gaming video creators are earning 6 figure incomes through their YouTube videos, and you can also do the same. If you are an avid gamer, the limits that you can reach by making your channel successful are simply endless!

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